Join a New Innovative Online Book Study Group

Join a New Innovative Online Book Study Group

You are warmly invited to participate in a new innovative Book Study Group of the Ascended Masters Teachings beginning this month September 2017!

Ascended Lady Master Nada quoteIf you are new to the teachings of the Ascended Masters, welcome! We are delighted you are interested in learning more about these marvelous Teachings as revealed through Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Our community is called My Summit Lighthouse and serves as a virtual study group and place of connection.

If you have studied these Teachings for some time, we are excited you are here. Many of us have felt the inner calling to integrate more deeply with the masters and their dictations. Now is the time to move forward.
Our story begins with one dictation by El Morya and his call.

On the 32nd Anniversary of the Summit Lighthouse, Beloved El Morya gave a landmark dictation where he gave all students a mandate. He said that 2/3rds of the mission of the Summit Lighthouse had been accomplished by the Messengers. The final 1/3rd was left for the students to manifest!

This mandate is to become experts in the Teachings, to spread them worldwide and make them available in ways that new spiritual seekers can understand them.

By forming a network of active book study groups, we are embracing this goal of becoming experts in the Teachings!
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Here are the simple steps to begin:

  1. The first step is to start a book study group. You can study alone, or invite one person or more to read and discuss. Our first book is a great introduction to the Teachings, The Lords of the Seven Rays. All students can find profound teachings and enter into a deeper relationship with the Seven Chohans through this book.
  2. Please feel free to post in the community forum on We are all looking forward to each one’s unique ideas, realizations and action steps.
  3. You are welcome to join the monthly teleconference call (details provided once you’re logged into the site)

As we study together, discuss and research these teachings, we will find connections beginning to form – from heart to heart. We are building community one by one.

Throughout history, from the Essenes, to monasteries, to ashrams, we find that it is those who embrace a spiritual path that can transform a world. If we, as an entire community integrate with the teachings and build our spiritual community through these book study groups, we can transform our world. We have studied these teachings, sometimes for decades. Now we want to focus our years of study to accelerate studying and using these insightful teachings into providing relevant solutions to age-old problems.

TO JOIN: Click this link to sign up for this year-long book study of The Lords of the Seven Rays:

Online Book Study Group Sign-up

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