Anniversary of Inner Retreat Purchase

Anniversary of Inner Retreat Purchase

September 9th is the anniversary of the 1981 closing date for the purchase of the Inner Retreat. The following day, the documents were signed and recorded.

The Place of Great Encounters

Elizabeth Clare Prophet announced this great victory to Keepers of the Flame® at a Saint Germain Service on September 19, 1981, bringing cheers and thunderous applause.

The Ascended Masters have spoken of it as the Place of Great Encounters and have revealed at least 31 dispensations for the Inner Retreat.

Beloved Jesus announced on May 31, 1984, that to this Inner Retreat in southwestern Montana, to this “Place Prepared,” Lord Maitreya had come again to re-open his Mystery School, which had been withdrawn from the physical octave just prior to the sinking of Lemuria.

Here, in the tradition of the world's religions, come seekers for truth to retreat, meditate, commune with nature, attend Summit University seminars, or participate in community life.  Some stay for six weeks or a year, others a lifetime.  Professionals of all ages, families, the retired and the young call this “Inner Retreat” home.

Here seekers may, indeed, encounter the Real Self, as well as friends of light from the four corners of the earth.

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