24. Mystery Schools Of The Great White Brotherhood

  • Was Camelot real?
  • How does the Buddhist teaching of the three refuges (jewels) relate to Camelot?
  • What is the meaning of the quest for the Holy Grail?
  • What did the thirteen original colonies of America symbolize?
  • What were the mystery schools?
  • How are the communities of Crotona, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Jesus, Sufis and the Dalai Lama related?
  • What is the ascended master ideal for government?
  • How does the science of the spoken Word help the world become more spiritual?

How did El Morya's ideas of government evolve?

El Morya has chosen the will of God from the very beginning of his evolution, as we all make a choice by the gift of free will. And so he became chohan of the first ray, the ray of God's will (and God-government), by the expansion of that flame within his being and entire sphere of consciousness. One goes back to Lemuria, to Atlantis, to other worlds to find the origin of the evolution of individual genius. But more recently we find El Morya as the center of Camelot, the once and future mystery school.

vision of the holy grailCamelot represents the ideal of God-government, but it also represents the original twelve apostles and the master in the center of the disciples, who are the knights and ladies of the court. There is the round table, the table of initiation. There is the quest for the Holy Grail. Indeed, Camelot can be seen as the community of the Holy Spirit and as a continuation of the mission of the community of disciples of Jesus as well as of the sangha of the Buddha.

The Buddha teaches us of the three refuges—the refuge of the teacher, who is the Buddha; of the doctrine, which is the dharma, or the law; and finally, the refuge of the community, the sangha. We understand that discipleship in the New Age and our oneness with the masters of the seven rays depends upon these three elements.

And so we must have a teacher, and we find that teacher in the Real Self within as well as in the chohans of the seven rays of the Christ. We must have a teaching, and we find that teaching through all of the sons and daughters of God who have ever lived on earth to show us the way. Finally, we must have a community, which is like the mystical body of God within the Church. It is that group of souls who are pursuing the path of initiation with the ascended masters.

The ascended masters themselves are a part of that community. So we find a cooperation between those who are in heaven and those who are on earth. And we understand that Camelot, as a mystery school, was the opportunity for a cooperative endeavor based upon the central teacher, the Christ.

The quest for the Grail, which symbolizes the cup of the teaching and the essence of the Blood of Christ and of Communion itself, was for the assimilation of the Body and Blood of Christ—the essence of Spirit and Matter. This is the foundation of the ritual of Communion.

It was El Morya's dream to bring forth such a community. As King Arthur, he worked with Merlin, an embodiment of Saint Germain. These initiates of the Great White Brotherhood formed a nucleus for the future mystery school that was to come in the thirteen original colonies—the thirteen symbolizing once again the number of Christ and his apostles.

Novus Ordo SeclorumAmerica was intended to be the place where those who were pursuing the light of God could come and found that new order of the ages based on the four freedoms—the Novus Ordo Seclorum, which we find inscribed on the one dollar bill, symbolized in the Great Pyramid. And we have spoken of the Great Pyramid as representing the four planes of Matter and the mastery of the four vehicles of consciousness.

What all of this has to do with the will of God and God-government is expressed in Proverbs: “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.” The chohans of the seven rays teach us that we must master the energy within in order to master the energy without. And they teach us how to take dominion within the environment of the self so that we may take dominion over the environment that is without.

And so the discipline of Camelot, which was to be the discipline of all of the nations, was to provide a platform through freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly for the individual soul's fusion with her* own Christ-potential. It was to provide a platform for that collective mastery that people can accomplish together through government.

Camelot as a Mystery School

The ancient mysteries of the Great White Brotherhood have been passed from teacher to disciple throughout the ages. We read of Crotona and Pythagoras and the disciplines in the way of life that became a geometry of the soul as well as the foundation for modern geometry. We see Socrates and Plato. We see Christ and his apostles. We see the Dalai Lama and the great Hindu teachers in the Himalayan fastnesses, each with their little nucleus of disciples. And in all of this there is a passing of a tradition from the elders of the race, from the ascended masters themselves, to their embodied representatives, to their disciples.

This concept of the mystery school has been at the heart of those orders within all of the world's great religions that have preferred a more intense relationship with God. You have the Sufis of Islam, you have the Gnostics and the Essenes of early Christianity, and you have those who take the path of the priest or nun—those who tie themselves to holy orders because they are enamored of the mysteries of God for the very love of God himself.

I see Camelot, then, as a school of the ancient mysteries, where Merlin came as a representative of the Brotherhood to teach Arthur, Launcelot, Guinevere and all of the knights and ladies of the flame about the flame of life, the inner meaning of life on earth and the path that leads to the ascension by soul liberation.

Mrs. Prophet, what place does the Science of the Spoken Word have in Morya's plan for the establishment of a spiritual order for the world?

Being the chohan of the first ray, El Morya teaches us the mastery of the throat chakra, which corresponds in frequency to the blue ray. He teaches us to draw the energies of the heart and to release these through the power of the Word, the Word that was made flesh, the Word that God speaks through us when we give our invocations, our mantras and our decrees.

El Morya teaches us that the authority of the Word is the authority that we must express in self-government. Through our use of the Word and of the mantra, Morya assists us to transmute, or change, the injustices we find in the social order and to invoke the light to build the new temple and the new order of the ages.

How far are we supposed to go in using these powers—that is, should we pray for the overthrow of leaders we disapprove of?

We should call to God for the full power of his All-Seeing Eye to enable us to have the faculty of discrimination, or the gift of discernment of spirits. We need the truth of God to expose right and wrong, truth and error, good and evil. And then we must use our right to vote and every means available to us in our representative form of government to remove those individuals who espouse causes that are not centered in the light of God and to elect those into office who have both the ability and the dedication to the will of God.

How do we distinguish truth from error in public policy?

We can meditate upon the heart as the source and seat of consciousness and pray to be illumined. We must also be up to date and fully informed as to the facts, the issues, the record of our representatives. And we must make our invocations to God for his will to be made known to us and to be upon our leaders.

Then we can only do what is obvious—take the nearest right step that is humanly available to us and ask God to day by day reform our consciousness and reform and purify our understanding of what is right through government and through individual self-mastery.

What's the goal of all this? I mean, does Morya envision a single world order?

We should call to God for the full blueprint of God-government. Morya is concerned that the individual genius of each nation, each state, each group be fulfilled through a consciousness of community, a working together, a caring for one another.

With the present evolution of mankind being as it is, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council consider that a single world order for the earth is something that the people are not yet prepared for. They have not yet learned self-government within the individual or within their local nation-states. And so Morya is concerned lest in our concepts of world government the sense of karma and of dharma and of working out the process of individuality in God-government be lost.

Does that mean that the present system is recommended?

The present system that we have in the United States under our Constitution is recommended by the Darjeeling Council for our present level of evolution. And wherever a republican form of government with a constitution with checks and balances such as we have can be adopted, El Morya considers that this is the most advantageous for the individual development of the Christ consciousness.

*Whether housed in a male or female body, the soul is the feminine principle and Spirit is the masculine principle of the Godhead. The soul, then, is addressed by the pronouns she and her.

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