44. Intensifying The Human Aura

  • What does consciousness have to do with the aura?
  • How do we intensify the aura?
  • What does it mean to hallow space?
  • Does the Bible talk about consciousness and chakras?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, what is the link between our consciousness and our aura?

Mark L ProphetConsciousness is our connection with our source, and its flexibility is our greatest asset. The aura is the counterpart of consciousness. It is the effect of consciousness. It is both the manifestation and the vehicle of consciousness.

I think that one of the most precious teachings I ever received from Mark Prophet is the concept of hallowing space. It is similar to the concept of intensifying the aura.

We all believe that God is, and that God is everywhere, but the concept that God is more in the cathedral than in the brothel is something we can appreciate yet perhaps not understand scientifically.

It has to do with this concept of hallowing space, or intensifying the aura.

Saint Germain On Hallowing Space By Creating a “cloud”

Saint Germain On AlchemySaint Germain touches on the intensification of the aura in his book Saint Germain On Alchemy, published by Summit University Press. He teaches us to create a “cloud,” which is based on the same principle.

According to Saint Germain's instructions, as we create a “cloud of infinite energy” we are multiplying the x-factor of God's consciousness right within our aura. Hence, we achieve in the space that is our identity, that is our immediate environment, a hallowing effect whereby life becomes sacred and even the perfumed fragrances that emanate from the auras of the saints can be experienced.

How do we hallow space? How do we intensify the aura?

Intensifying the aura has to do with consciousness, filling the consciousness with that which is God—God as energy, God as life. It all goes back to the heart and the meditation upon the flame within the heart.

The threefold flame of the Trinity within the heart is a multiplier of consciousness. Not only is it the focalization of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but it is a multiplier because it is the sacred fire.

Meditation upon the threefold flame, then, intensifies the aura much as the physical flame causes water to boil by accelerating the movement of the atoms and molecules.

Secret Chamber of the heart chakraAnd so the action of multiplying God's consciousness within us comes by our meditation upon the flame. As we adore and love this essence of God, his very gift of life itself within our heart, we find that this love increases the fire, just as increasing the fuel and oxygen will fan a physical flame.

Therefore devotion is an important part of the intensification of the aura. It is the path of bhakti yoga followed in the East.

Through devotion we become one with the flame. It is the oneness of the lover and the beloved. The love so intensifies that there is a union that creates this release of energy, hence the intensification of the aura.

Another path that enables us to intensify the aura and accelerate consciousness is the path known as jnana yoga, the study of the wisdom of God. By this study we appreciate the mind of God, we become in tune with that mind, and we begin to develop that mind which was in Christ Jesus, in Buddha Gautama.

Through Kuthumi's teachings on the aura, we can take the principles taught and lived by Jesus Christ and the avatars of the East and make them our own. As we hallow space, we draw by the magnet of the flame within our heart more and more of the awareness of God.

God is, but as we increase our awareness of him through devotion and sacred study, more of God lives in us consciously. And when we are consciously aware of God, we increase consciousness. When we increase consciousness, we thereby intensify the aura.

A Yogi with an intensified aura

I remember one day when I was in India in 1970. I was in a crowded marketplace, enthralled with observing the people in all states of development of life. I was fascinated with the ancient culture and the naturalness of the devotion of the yogis in the midst of the scene.

I noticed a man walking across the marketplace. I saw him coming from afar—tall, intent, with piercing eyes. And El Morya showed me through my third eye the extension of the aura of that man. It was very large, and he seemed almost oblivious to all in his surroundings as he was traversing the square, so focused was he upon that flame within.

It presented such a contrast to those involved in selling their wares, not extending a consciousness of God to any great extent because their attention was not on this great flow. But here was one who had placed his attention on God and therefore increased the size of his aura.

We are taught how to increase the aura by increasing the consciousness, by strengthening the arc of our attention upon God. And this is accomplished in a number of ways through the seven chakras, through the Science of the Spoken Word.

Mrs. Prophet, you often talk about the prophets of Israel having the foundation of ascended master teachings. Did they have anything to say about the aura?

The understanding of the Old and New Testaments and the scriptures of the East comes with the gift of the Holy Spirit. When the prophets and great teachers wrote of their mystical experiences, they had to describe them in certain concrete terms. Some of these terms become abstract, for instance, in the writing of Ezekiel.

But nevertheless, when one is experiencing these manifestations of the expansion of the inner flame, one recalls the words of Ezekiel, who beheld God as the “fire infolding itself”—the same revelation as the I AM THAT I AM that Moses beheld.

A mystic's approach to Psalm 46

I was recently impressed by a psalm of David, Psalm 46, in which he gives a mystical understanding of the Tree of Life as the I AM Presence and the flow of the crystal-clear energies of the crystal cord. He says, “There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High.”

This verse is seen by the secular person as a commentary on outer conditions, but the mystic understands that the river is the river of consciousness. It is the river of life that emanates from the Source.

“The streams whereof shall make glad the city of God.” The streams of this great river of life, which is spoken of in the last chapter of the Book of Revelation, have to do with the coming forth of the great river of life from the I AM Presence, the descent of that river into the heart and then its distribution, in what you might call rivulets, to the seven centers of being.

And therefore we have the “making glad of the city of God.” The city denotes the state of consciousness. It denotes the space of one's self-awareness, hence the aura. City is the dwelling place.

The flow of the river of God's consciousness makes glad the city of God, or the manifestation of God that is the aura. This is right in line with our discussion of the intensification of the aura.

“The holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High.” These tabernacles of the Most High are the chakras, the seven centers that are referred to by John in the Book of Revelation as the seven churches.

The message of the Lord Christ to the seven churches given to John the Revelator is actually a release of a certain frequency of energy and consciousness for the quickening of the seven centers within the temple of being.

These seven churches were also, of course, physical places that could be named and that had people who were forming a nucleus of Christianity in the early Church. We find that the mystic in every faith always sees that which is described outwardly in scripture as that which is concurrently taking place on a parallel line within.

Looking at this psalm further, we see that David is describing the entire experience of God coming into his being, occupying his four lower bodies, and the great flow of the river taking command of the disturbances, the discord, the day-to-day problems that register in these vehicles of consciousness.

He says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” This in itself is a decree. It is an affirmation that God is in the midst of the trouble, the troubled waters of the emotions and the water body.

“Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea.” He is speaking about the great conflict that occurs in the mind, the emotions (the desire), the physical body and their interaction—the cataclysm that occurs in consciousness when we contact God, because when God comes into our being, he rearranges our atoms and molecules.

David speaks of the raging of the forces of anti-Reality within. He says, “The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved: he uttered his voice, the earth melted.”

This melting of the elements of rebellion, of stubbornness, of disobedience is accomplished by the alchemy of the Holy Spirit and its descent into the heart of David.

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