Violet Flame Decree – Personal Transformation – I AM the Violet Flame

Violet Flame Decree – Personal Transformation – I AM the Violet Flame

The violet flame revitalizes and invigorates us. The violet flame changes negative energy into positive energy. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the violet flame provides a platform for our healing.

The violet all-consuming flame is the seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit; it emerges from the white-fire core as the omnipotent love of the blue that combines with the omnipresent power of the pink, refracted in the prism of the Christ consciousness, accomplishing the perfect work of the truth that makes every man free.

This quality of the sacred fire is truly the universal unguent that we can apply for the healing of our entire consciousness, being, and world. Enshrined as the freedom flame for the coming two thousand-year cycle by the Master Saint Germain, the violet transmuting flame enables us to win our freedom from every form of human bondage.

Dubbed the violet singing flame by Archangel Zadkiel, it makes the very atoms of the four lower bodies “sing” in harmony with the divine blueprint and with the keynote of the Electronic Presence as the tiny electrons whirl in orbit at the perfect pitch of the pattern of soul-identity.

I AM the Violet Flame is a powerful mantra. It is short and by repeating it many times with focused intent you can build a strong momentum of violet flame.

I AM the Violet Flame I AM Affirmation

Visualize yourself surrounded by the violet flame as you see it in the Chart of Your Divine Self around the lower figure.

See the violet flame come to life as if you were looking at a movie. The flames in different shades and gradations of purple, pink and violet rise and pulsate around you.

See these flames pass through your body, caressing each organ and restoring wholeness. See them saturating your mind and your emotions, relieving all burdens.

I AM the Violet Flame Decree

I AM the Violet Flame decreeI AM the Violet Flame
In action in me now
I AM the Violet Flame
To Light alone I bow
I AM the Violet Flame
In mighty Cosmic Power
I AM the Light of God
Shining every hour
I AM the Violet Flame
Blazing like a sun
I AM God's sacred power
Freeing every one

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