How Do I Get to the Heart of God?

Ascended Master Radio Podcast 4 How Do I Get There?How Do I Get There? With the Ascended Masters

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Timely audio excerpts from Elizabeth Clare Prophet interviews, with lively commentary, plus… Preparedness Tips (Trust God, but tie up your camel.), Young Adult Perspectives (Practical spirituality in action), and Everyday Kindness (HOWTO make good karma).

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PODCAST 4 – “How Do I Get There?”

You are a Son or Daughter of God with the potential to become the Christ. To achieve this goal, you must master yourself and transcend the human.

At this point, you have a clear idea of where you're going (which is home to the heart of God). Now, all you need to know is how to get there. Sounds so easy, doesn't it?

Well, it can be if you have the right friends on the path AND the right tools.

The ascended masters are your dedicated and loving partners on the path, and their spiritual tools–like the violet flame–are always available and always practical. Tune in to The Open Door to find out more about the ascended masters, the violet flame and the sure and certain pathway they wish us to follow to find our way Home to God at last!

Listen or download Podcast 4, “How Do I Get There?”

PODCAST 3 – Where am I Going?

The goal of life is the ascension whereby we earn the right to graduate from earth’s schoolroom and reunite with the heart of God. That's it. Simple, right? Of course it isn't!

While understanding that the “where” and the process of getting there is basic, it is not simple. If it were, we’d all be there already.

So, if you're ready to discover practical tools and techniques for finding your way home to the heart of God, come, Listen or download Podcast 3, “Where Am I Going?”

PODCAST 2 – Why Am I Here?

Who among us hasn't asked ourselves that question at one time or another in our lives? It's the age-old conundrum of existence.

• Why am I here?
• What is the purpose of life?
• Is my path pre-ordained or do I have choices?
• Why do certain things happen to me?
• Have I been here before?

The “why” of our existence is really a thousand questions rolled into one! In this week's program, we will look at life as a path of initiation. We will also examine the concept of reincarnation. We'll see how karma shapes the details of our lives and how reincarnation is our means for finally “getting it right.”

Listen or Download Podcast 2, Why Am I Here?

PODCAST 1 – Your Real Self

You were made in the image and likeness of God, but how much are you really like Him? If your answer is 100%, you're right. After all, how can a part of God be anything less than the ALL of God?

• WHO are you in reality?
• And how do you differentiate between your human self and your Divine Self?

In a timeless interview with renowned author and spiritual leader, Elizabeth Clare Prophet titled “Your Real Self,” we will explore this very question. We will examine the concept of Self and talk about the true nature of our relationship with God. We'll look at how to unlock the potential of God within.

Listen or Download Podcast 1, “Your Real Self”

Inner Perspectives – A Guidebook for the Spiritual Journey

Inner Perspectives - A Guidebook for the Spiritual Journey by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Transcripts of podcasts with Elizabeth Clare Prophet on theTeachings of the Ascended Masters. Remarkable fifteen-minute programs covering a vast array of material with thoroughness and clarity and shedding light on some of life's deepest mysteries.

Ascended Masters, Your Real Self, Violet Flame, God as Mother, Sexuality and Spirituality, Spiritual Keys to Healing and Wholeness, Reincarnation, The Power of the Word, the Human Aura and Chakras, Buddha and Christ, Spiritual Alchemy, and  the Science of Precipitation.

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