Fiats for the Elementals, Nature Spirits – Spiritually Transform Earth

Fiats for the Elementals, Nature Spirits – Spiritually Transform Earth

Elementals are the beings of earth, air, fire and water, the nature spirits are the builders of form who serve under the Elohim. The elementals establish and maintain the physical platform on which the souls of planet earth evolve.

The Father who created the paradise of God referred to in Genesis is now perceived to be in fact the Creator of all loveliness. The sylphs of the air, the undines of the sea, the fiery salamanders of the flame, and the gnomes of the earth are recognized as elemental spirits created to assist that one Father in bringing forth a kingdom of supreme loveliness and beauty.   – Saint Germain

By giving these fiats and I AM Affirmations, we command the Light of God, from our I AM Presence to bless elementals and bring them the light and healing energy they need to sustain this planetary platform of evolution.


I AM! I AM! I AM! the resurrection and the life of all elementals—fire, air, water & earth!

I AM the violet flame miracle healing of elemental life every hour of the day now made manifest!

Elementals are beings of violet fire, elementals are the purity God desires!

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