Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood

Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood

For almost 40 years, Elizabeth Clare Prophet was a messenger of God. Throughout her career, she has received messages from many saints and angels, East and West, whom we know as the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood (white for the light in their aura).

Elizabeth Clare Prophet describes her role as messenger:

“My calling is to be a prophet of God. Prophet means one who speaks for God, hence a messenger. Coincidentally (although I don’t believe in coincidences), my name matches my calling. Prophet is the surname of my late husband and teacher, Mark L. Prophet. It was the family name that had been carried through generations from France to Ireland to Canada to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

“Mark was a prophet and a messenger, called by God through the ascended master El Morya to found The Summit Lighthouse in Washington, D.C., in 1958. He was and is the most amazing person I’ve ever met—the most humble, the most holy, the most human.

“We were together for 12 years, were married, had four children, wrote many books, lectured around the world and built our movement. And then he passed on in 1973, his soul now one with God, yet ever with me.

“In 1964 I received the ‘mantle’ of messenger, including gifts of the Holy Spirit. And throughout my ministry, by God’s grace, I have built upon the foundation of prophetic teachings already laid by my husband.

“As a messenger of God, I see myself as the servant of God’s light within you. And the servant is not greater than his lord. My Lord is the Christ of Jesus and the Christ of you, who are one and the same. For as John the Beloved wrote, that Christ was and is ‘the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.’ Therefore, I come as a servant of that light—your light, my light, your Christ, my Christ.”

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