A Lesson from the Life of Elizabeth Clare Prophet

A Lesson from the Life of Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare ProphetElizabeth Clare Prophet's Lesson

I remember the great lesson I had when I was young. My father had a boatyard on a river in New Jersey that led out to the sea. I used to like to go down to the river and take a rowboat and row around the river, and on nice days I could row very far out and tie up to a buoy and sit back and read a book or go swimming off the boat. Sometimes I would take a picnic lunch.

One day I took a girlfriend with me and we two ventured forth in the rowboat, and we got out, far out into the river and a great storm came up, taking us farther and farther away from my father’s dock. I was rowing, and I had to row with the full and total strength of my being, and in doing so, I could maintain the boat where it was. I could not get ahead, but I was not going back.

But then I thought to myself that I was getting weary, so I decided to turn over the oars to my girlfriend. She was not an experienced rower. She did not have the developed strength in rowing that I had from years of doing this.

When she took the oars, I found that we were swiftly drifting further and further away, what seemed like miles down the river. So, as soon as I could, I got myself back in the seat and started rowing to make up for the distance that we had lost.

Lesson #1

This was an amazing lesson to me, because I realized that in taking the raft over the sea of samsara, over the astral plane, that all would depend upon me. I could not rely on anyone.

I would have to summon my own internal strength, my spiritual forces and my momentum gained in the physical plane. And if I should let go for one moment and trust anyone else with my life, my path, the work that I must do, I would lose that ground, because I would be abdicating my personal Christhood.

Lesson #2

The next lesson I learned from this experience was that when one is giving all of one’s strength against the storm of life and truly doing everything one can with all one’s resources, the Divine Helper comes, and that in the person of the Guru.

I could not do any more, given the knowledge I had then. So, in the person of someone with a speedboat (a total stranger), the Divine Helper came along, tied a rope to our rowboat and towed us in, which is the only way we could have gotten back.

Lesson #3

It somehow was a very archetypal lesson, because every now and then that picture comes back to me. El Morya holds up the scene and then shows me how to read the lesson from it.

I was very young, and the lessons we learn when we are young go into the subconscious and they are there, and we make decisions based on many lessons we’ve learned in life.

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