Earthquakes – Violet Flame in Daily Life

Earthquakes – Violet Flame in Daily Life

How You Can Help

1. Send the violet flame to the gnomes and into the earth to transmute the records of darkness and the burdens on the elementals.

Watch the YouTube Video: “How to Use the Violet Flame Daily

Use this YouTube video to send violet flame to the elementals: “Decree 70.14 “O Violet Flame, Come Violet Flame

2. Call to Archangel Michael and his legions to safeguard all elemental life and to seal them in obedience to the will of God.

3. When many people place their attention on predictions of earthquakes—whether from scientists or psychics—the projected thoughtforms from people’s consciousness can cause disturbances in nature. Call for the elementals to be sealed and protected from projections of negative thoughts and feelings, including fear.

4. Guard your thoughts and feelings. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the mass consciousness or in fears of predicted earthquakes or other cataclysms.

5. Maintain your attunement with your holy Christ Self and the angels so that you will be receptive to their direction and find yourself out of harm’s way.

6. If an earthquake has occurred, call for the comfort, healing and protection of those affected. And call for the protection of all cleanup and rescue workers. Send violet flame to clean up toxic wastes and chemicals that may have been released.

7. Call to the hierarchs of the gnomes, Virgo and Pelleur, to take dominion over these nature spirits and to direct them according to the will of God.

8. Earthquakes can cause fires, gas and water leaks, and disruptions of power and communication lines. Therefore call to the hierarchs of all the elements to take dominion over the nature spirits and the situation. Ask them to extend the maximum amount of mercy allowed by God’s laws and the karma of those involved.

Taken from the book,Is Mother Nature Mad? How to Work with Nature Spirits to Mitigate Natural Disasters,” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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