Discarnate Entities and the Law of Attraction

Discarnate Entities and the Law of Attraction

Be Aware of What You Attract to Your World

Elizabeth Clare Prophet taught extensively on the law of attraction, including secrets about how your aura can either be full of light or full of darkness. She said:

Energy fields can be magnificent when they are properly qualified. For not only can they surround their creator with his own vibration of bliss but, according to the law of attraction, they can also magnetize the vibrations of joy and happiness from many parts of the world.

We acknowledge that the reverse is also true. Seldom do people realize that from time to time they are surrounded with discarnate entities—entities of fear, of doubt and of grief. Individuals create the climate that attracts these outsiders into their aura by their own attitudes.

A discarnate entity is a disembodied being who has not ascended to God; hence he is not karma—free nor is he free from the wheel of rebirth. Since such a soul has not passed through the ritual of the ascension and become fully God-identified, he is as subject to error as anyone in embodiment. Still possessed of elements of a human ego as well as momentums of negativity, he may transmit these intentionally or not.

There are various types of discarnate entities, which include: anger entities, chemical entities (including fluoride and sugar entities), death and suicide entities, dope and tobacco entities, gossip entities, horror and mischievous entities, insanity and depression entities, fear entities, liquor entities, condemnation entities, lust of money and gambling entities, sentimentality and weeping entities, sex and self-infatuation entities. They can be singular or mass entities.

Discarnates Are Not Ascended Masters

“I don't call myself a channeler because as far as I'm concerned channeling is just another word for spiritualism,” explained Elizabeth Clare Prophet. “Seeking advice from departed spirits has been going on since the witch of Endor conjured up Samuel the prophet for King Saul—and a long time before. While Samuel was a high soul, you can never be sure what you're going to get with channeling.”

Discarnate entities may be benign but they are not omniscient. They may impart truth but they can be opinionated, proud and self-seeking. They are known to use people to achieve their ends and to take people's light.

Discarnate entities consume vital soul energies, draining the channeler as well as those present of the spiritual essence necessary to true progress on the path. Some well-known channelers admit they are exhausted after their channeling sessions, and many people report feeling depleted after attending a “seance.”

“By contrast,” Elizabeth Clare Prophet continued, “the energy released by the God-free ascended beings who speak from the highest octaves of light, one with the universal mind, is stupendous. It is exhilarating. It charges and recharges the body, mind and spirit of each person in the congregation. It clears the chakras and draws the soul nigh to her own inner God-reality.”

Portions of the above article taken from Understanding Yourself, a Spiritual Approach to Self-Discovery and Soul-Awareness by Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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