Devotion To The Sacred Heart of Mary And Jesus

Devotion is a fire

…a flame of tenderness that mounts up in its joy of approach unto the Godhead

…that sunders all the cords that bind humanity to the earth and the earthy state of consciousness

…that causes that buoyant joy to become a thing alive

…as a flower bursting forth into the fountain of foreverness with the miracle of Christ consciousness, infusing elemental life and all with the beauty of the coming dawn.

Through utter devotion man will one day be able to understand that true worship is the worship of God as Spirit, both in its universal aspect and in its specific individualization in hearts abiding in the dimensions of Matter. Thus the diadem of lives lived in and for Him may indeed provide the encircling crown of the World Mother which she may hold in her hands and offer unto God. For Spirit is one; and though, as has been said, there be gods many and lords many, “there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in Him.” – Mother Mary

Mother Mary's Child's Rosary for the New Age

Keepers of the Flame - Devotions

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