The Cosmic Mirror and the Divine Plan

The Cosmic Mirror and the Divine Plan

Sic transit gloria mundi. Thus passes the record of the karma of this world. Enter the glory of the Divine Plan.

Cosmic mirror in Saint Germains etheric retreatOnce again you stand before the Cosmic Mirror inside the Grand Teton, expectant yet not knowing what to expect!

This time Saint Germain shows you the original blueprint of your divine plan that was imprinted upon your etheric body when you were conceived in the heart of God.

Thus, you learn another reason for reviewing your past lives one by one: it is to determine what portion of that plan you have outpictured to date and what portion you have not.

Now you can literally see and hear and feel (yes, and taste and smell!) the conditions in your little world that you have to correct—and there's no question about it: it's got to be done! Thank God for the Cosmic Mirror!

Thank God for the violet flame! There they go: the good momentums you've developed over lifetimes, the hang-ups and knotty problems of the past and present.

And by your pluses you cancel out your minuses. You really believe and you are determined to fulfill that divine plan with your twin flame, very soon—as the history of the soul is reckoned.

What's more, Saint Germain tells you that “you can call forth the talents you have developed in past ages, for these are stored as treasure in your causal body. With these you can elevate and bless and heal in the name of the Christ of Jesus and of your own I AM Presence, endowing many with your past momentums of fruitful activity.”

But, what is most amazing is Saint Germain's assurance that “the manifestation of these gifts is not dependent upon the recall of your outer memory!”

“However,” he cautions, “it is subject to the law of karma and what you the individual son of God will do (in accord with the gifts of the threefold flame and free will) with your spiritual resources once they are made available to you.”

And if before taking your leave of the Royal Teton you ask him for his advice on what is the next step on the path for one eager to study directly under the Lords of the Seven Rays, Saint Germain will invite you to a retreat which you can attend in your full, waking consciousness at the Royal Teton Ranch.

“Here a great deal of what you will be taking up in the universities of the Spirit at the Chohans' etheric retreats will be focused for your immediate study and application to life,” he says.

Excerpted from The Masters and Their Retreats by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, ed. Annice Booth.

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