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It’s Only a Matter of Time

FACT: the Earth and its inhabitants have lived through past Golden Ages. Each was a time of blissful union with God and Divine harmony. But what happened? Why did these ages not endure? Why did man fall?

The Open Door, ascended master online radioThrough free will choice and by entertaining the serpentine logic of the fallen angels, mankind strayed from the purity of cosmic consciousness and fell from grace. But the light of past golden ages has never gone out, nor has the dream in the hearts of men for its full return been completely forgotten. Through the infinite mercy and love of God, where man has been, he can return!

And what are the standards of a golden age society and golden age consciousness? It is the crystallization of the God Flame within, awakening to the I AM Presence in each heart, that will usher in the coming golden age. When this Flame is fully realized, the mind and emotions are mastered, our essential energies merge and we become, once again, one with the mind of God.

It’s only a matter of time…

Join us October 8, 2013 on The Open Door, the Ascended Master Online Radio.

Program airs at 12 noon Mountain Time.

All shows are archived on The Open Door page and on iTunes!

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