Christmas Proclamation of the New Birth

Christmas Proclamation of the New Birth

Happy New Year! Celebrate a fresh start in life with a Christmas Proclamation from the ascended lady master Pallas Athena.

Now let the light go forth—the untrammeled light! Let it descend in the clear air of purified consciousness and of hearts moved by the Word to come closer to the heart of Jesus Christ.

In this hour of the rebirth, there is the opening wide of a door of opportunity to come to the Saviour's heart and to feel your heart infilled with light, as the light incomparable of our Alpha is his Christmas gift to hearts around the world who will reach up and out unto the Father through the Son and know that he liveth and that our God is the consuming fire of an eternal Christ Mass celebrated every day of your life, dear heart, even within your heart.

How well does your mother and your own Christ Self remember the hour of the quickening—remember the hour and the moment when life is known within the womb and the hour when the breath of the Holy Ghost is inbreathed and the temple of the living Word does become the temple of the Holy Spirit! How can God the Father or the holy angels forget thy birth, O living Saviour!

O living Saviour of the world, O Christ of every one, know that thou art come and that I, Pallas Athena, celebrate the mission of holy Truth through the incarnate Word! I come to collect unto myself souls of light, that I might hold you in my arms as a mother of Truth and infuse you once again with the holy light of thy birth.

The hour of the unwritten page is the hour of thy birth. Despair not of those scrawlings of pen that thou hast made upon the opportunities of life. This is an hour when the Keeper of the Scrolls will take the misused papyrus of life and roll it and put it to the torch. It is an hour of new birth.

Christmas – The Holy Night of the Christ Mass

Let the holiness of the holy night of the Christ Mass in this year of celebration of the birth of Christ and of his messenger—let it be. And let it be celebrated as the moment in Truth of your own new birth, a fresh start in life.

Think of it, beloved hearts—no need to wish to be reborn in another life or circumstance, no need to wish for another chance to start all over again. For this is the dispensation, this is the proclamation that I read. For I stand in the Great Hall of the Lords of Karma and I do read the record of Truth, the divine plan of Almighty God, and certain teachings of Truth that may be revealed time-upon-time as the great law allows.*

First, then, let us open with this splendid opportunity to be once again at the point of initiation and origination of life, and there, at that point, to recognize that the descent is in the full, waking consciousness of the mature and the ripened soul who descends with the fiat: Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God!

You need not roll back experience gained. You need only to know that in the hour of thy birth, thou art the fullness of the living Christ. Therefore, nothing lost. All in readiness. All ready to proceed. It is a Christmas proclamation of the new birth, it is a report of the Lords of Karma, and it expresses the concern of Alpha that all of his sons might understand their positioning to hold the line of light.

The perpetual prayer of the righteous will avail much, but the prayer must be given and given as a continuing stream—a river of light, a river of love, a flowing river, a moving river! This is the message of the Virgin of Guadalupe. This word Guadalupe refers to the flowing river of light—the descending light of the I AM Presence and the ascending light of the ascension flame.

The Virgin Guadalupe came, then, to proclaim the proclamation of the virgin birth of every son of God, of the divine sponsorship of the Mother of all peoples of the earth, and the dispensation of the of the individual path of the ascension through the river of light flowing—flowing perpetually out of the Mother's heart of love. Tenderly, tenderly come the saints of God.

Our eye is upon the Inner Retreat and its potential and possibility as a focus of light and a place where many may come together to form the magnet for the entire planetary body.

Prepare, then, once again to step forth in the hour of the Christ Mass to work the works of God while there is light in this oncoming year of new challenge, new victory!

The above is an excerpt from a Pearl of Wisdom® vol. 25 no. 2, January 10, 1982, by the ascended lady master Pallas Athena.

*Elizabeth Clare Prophet left a legacy of extensive ascended master teachings, a treasure trove of information, insights and initiations. Her unpublished writings, lectures and dictations from the ascended masters continue to be released by The Summit Lighthouse and Summit University Press. They can also be accessed online at the Ascended Master Library. Published in English in multiple formats then often translated into more than 30 languages, these teachings of the ascended masters continue to beckon to the new seeker as well as to challenge the long-time student.

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