Child’s Rosary Online – Mother Mary for Spiritual Transformation

Child’s Rosary Online – Mother Mary for Spiritual Transformation

New Age Rosary From Mother Mary to Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Pray the Rosary Online

“As you faithfully recite the rosary…you are contributing to world peace. And you have a very special place reserved for you in the heart of the Blessed Mother.”–Elizabeth Clare Prophet

A Child’s Rosary to Mother Mary – A Rosary for the New Age

This  is a fifteen-minute scriptural devotion called A Child's Rosary to Mother Mary. It is for children and adults that can be given by anyone.

For this New Age version, Mother Mary dictated to Elizabeth Clare Prophet changes from the traditional “Hail Mary” to reflect the awareness of our personal path of spiritual evolution.

I John 1:1 – 2:11. Audio: 16 minutes

To play, click once on the arrow below and wait for the audio to start:

Download the Child's Rosary words (PDF)

“The great beauty and the glory of the coming of the Mother is always there, and when you keep the momentum of her flame in your aura, you always have the contact. It's that mesh, that delicate veil that connects you to the Divine Mother because you have given your application. And over that veil and that mesh flows all the intercession, the divine assistance, whatever you need for your family, for your life.” – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

A Child's Rosary is the means and the moment of your communion, a quarter of an hour each day with the God who is Mother in Mary and in your very own soul. Through her rosaries, Mother Mary would strengthen and assist us. Through her own Immaculate Heart, she enables us to contact God's love that is locked within our own hearts. When we give her our love, she returns her love to us to activate and unlock this fiery treasure from God.

In the Child's Rosary the verses from the scriptures are read by the conductor, with the Hail Mary and the other prayers given in unison by all participants in the ritual. The readings are drawn from the epistles of Paul, John, James and Jude.

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