Bringing in the Sheaves of a Bountiful Harvest

Bringing in the Sheaves of a Bountiful Harvest

Excerpted from El Morya's Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 1 No. 12, October 31, 1958

As the colorful and blessed Thanksgiving season approaches, the attention of all in our realm as well as in yours turns in joyous expectancy to bringing in the sheaves of a bountiful harvest.

In the springtime when the farmer tills the field and sows the seed, expecting the warm sun and gentle rain to do their perfect work, all is done in the hope of reaping an abundant harvest from that which has been sown.

Not only in your world of form is seed sown and a harvest reaped but also in that of every individualized intelligence in the great cosmos, including those of us of the ascended host who work with unascended mankind. For we are constantly engaged in the preparation of consciousness individually and en masse to receive the seeds (divine ideas) which if accepted, allowed to take root and grow, being nourished by the rhythmic attention and gratitude of the receivers, will bring forth a mighty harvest of practical God-blessings manifesting in the daily lives of all.

Now, as surely as there has always been a springtime, so will there always be a harvest time. These are the natural manifestations of cause and effect. Even so, every cause brings forth after its kind, producing an effect according to the type and amount of seed which is sown.

The Seed That Goes Forth

Therefore, beloved chelas, look well to the daily sowings of your seed—thoughts, feelings, spoken words, and deeds which go forth from you—for these are the creative processes of your world. The seed that goes forth from you, planted, as it were, may be tiny and, being out of your physical sight, may soon be forgotten (as is the thoughtless, impatient or ungrateful word or gesture). However, as you so well know, everything sent forth, remembered or not, must always return to its sender—and always with accumulated energy after its kind. For like attracts like. That is the Law.

We of the ascended host are quite familiar with the outer mind of mankind, which often tires of the sameness of things and wants something new. At the same time, that outer mind demands sameness in other respects, deriving great comfort therefrom.

For instance, does one ever tire of looking upon a great field of waving grain ready for harvest? Does one tire of looking upon the orchards of rosy-cheeked and golden apples in the Northwest or the orange-colored pumpkins in the East and graceful ears of corn in the Midwest? Do mankind not expect the same general form, substance, color and flavor to be present in the same type of food every year?

Some among mankind are truly grateful for these gifts of the Nature kingdom, and others take them very much for granted. All should learn how to express real gratitude for the gifts of God that supply sustenance for their bodies, thus giving them opportunity to express their talents among their fellowmen in service to life.

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