The Human Aura

The human aura. Science has verified its existence. Kirlian photography has captured the color, intensity and emotion of its mysterious luminescence.

How to Activate and Energize Your Aura and Chakras

What Science Is Only Beginning to Discover, Healers, Mystics and Sages Have Known for Centuries

Violet flame human aura and seven chakras

Medical researchers at Yale University have determined that disease can be detected before it manifests in the physical body through the study of this life force that surrounds every man, woman and child.

But science has yet to provide answers to many of the unsolved mysteries of the aura. Where this energy field originates. How it affects health and appearance. The real significance of its colors. How it influences behavior, success and relationships.

Two Human Aura Books in One

In Book One of The Human Aura, Kuthumi provides a framework for discovering a new dimension of yourself. He gives a threefold exercise to activate the energy, intelligence and creativity that are native to your being.

In Book Two, Djwal Kul reveals the ascended masters' perspective of the seven major energy centers, or chakras, and their relationship to the expansion of the aura. Through his advanced program of meditations and mantras, you can develop the ability to control the circumstances that influence your life.

Includes meditations, visualizations and affirmations.

What Readers Say:

I felt this book answered a lot of questions I had and was very informative. I really enjoyed it and will read it again! Foxboro, MA

Went to find a good book and found God instead. It gave me a new sense of purpose for all that is. Vandergrift, PA

The writings are so lovingly worded. Though I was not initially accepting of some of what I was reading, this book has transformed my life—what I thought was my life. This is a book I will read and reread. It is like coming home after a long trip to a soothing bath—this book is warm and cozy! Tyner, VA

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