The Aura – Your Cosmic Signature

Your Aura is Your Unique Energetic
Cosmic Signature

aura, cosmic signatureWhat sages and mystics have known for centuries, science is now proving. The aura is real! It is the emanation of the life force that surrounds every man, woman and child.

Our auras are like fingerprints. No two are exactly alike. Our aura is distinctly our own, built over thousands of lifetimes and millions of choices. In a sense, our aura is our cosmic signature…and it is dynamic in nature, because we change it daily.

Your Aura Changes Day to Day
and Choice by Choice

Through our thoughts, words and deeds, we constantly affect our auras. By our free will choices, we may add to the color and intensity of our aura…or dull and diminish its luster. And though most of us cannot see our auras or the auras of others, we sense them.

We Constantly “Read” Auras

Ever had a strong feeling about someone you’ve just encountered – a stranger on the street, perhaps? Most likely, you tuned in to that person’s auric signature. We literally take an auric “reading” of everyone we meet, and because this reading generally bypasses our rational mind, we can usually rely on the truth of the signals we pick up.

What Does Your Aura Say About You?

Want to know more about the many qualities and attributes of the human aura from the ascended masters’ point of view? Tune in Tuesday.

Listen to our May 27th broadcast: The Aura – Your Cosmic Signature on The Open Door, Ascended Master Online Radio Program.

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