Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey with the Ascended Masters Library

Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey with the Ascended Masters Library

Ascended Masters Teachings – MP3 Downloads or CDs

The Ascended Master Library (AML) is The Summit Lighthouse's online store for purchasing and downloading the priceless teachings of the ascended masters, dictations through the Messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, their lectures, decree sessions…and much more!

What's in the Ascended Master Library

Choose from over 2,500 titles and more than 4,000 hours with the new easy search function.

Find audio files by ascended master, conference event or keyword.

Nearly 800 lectures by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet on angels, auras, healing and more…

Over 1700 dictations by the ascended masters on the spiritual path and how to attain your mastery.

Spiritual songs to the angels, ascended masters and hierarchs of the nature kingdom.

Violet flame, protection and healing decree services for your devotions, chakra alignment, karma balancing, aura cleansing and anchoring peace on the planet!

Now you can build your own ascended master library quickly and easily…in 4 easy steps! We think you'll love the simplicity (and we already know you love the content!).

To make this launch irresistible, visit our new website today and listen to 2 specially chosen dictations, 2 landmark lectures and 1 fiery decree session…absolutely free!

Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey

Search, buy, download and listen to your choice of thought-provoking and inspiring spiritual wisdom in 4 easy steps!

Here's all you have to do:

1. Use your current Summit Lighthouse account.  (Or open your own account now!)

2. Download Microsoft Silverlight for PC or Mac (directions included)

3. Login to your account

4. Build your own audio CD or MP3 CD or MP3 download

Play on your favorite device…. your MP3 player, Android device, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac or PC without restriction 24/7!

Give the new Ascended Master Library a try.  Open Your Account Today!

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