Ascended Master Library – Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey

Ascended Master Library – Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey

Ascended Master Teachings – MP3 Downloads or CDs

NOTE: Ascended Master Library is currently in maintenance mode as we re-engineer it for mobile responsiveness and the ability to work on all platforms and browsers.

Ascended Master Library (AML) is The Summit Lighthouse's online store for purchasing downloads or CDs of the priceless teachings of the ascended masters. Choose from over 2,500 titles and more than 4,000 hours with the easy search function.

  • Over 1700 dictations by the ascended masters through the Messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet,
  • 800 lectures lectures on a wide array of spiritual topics,
  • Violet flame and other decree sessions…and much more!

Steps to Access Ascended Master Library:

Silverlight no longer works on the latest versions of the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. While we rebuild for the latest browsers and for all devices (due date: Autumn 2019), we do have a work-around for Apple, Linux and PC computers.

NOTE: For iPod, iPad, iPhones and Android devices, first download the mp3 files from AML to your desktop and then you can move them over to your mobile devices.

1. Download and install SeaMonkey browser for PC, Apple or Linux. (Silverlight still works on Internet Explorer 11 for PCs, however we recommend SeaMonkey since it is a later, more secure release). Uncheck or say “No” to the question about importing your contacts.

SeaMonkey for Apple    SeaMonkey for PC

2. Download and install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin for PC or Mac:

Silverlight Plugin

3. Once the browswer and plugin are set up, go to and Login to your account.
If you need to open an account, go to our account registration page open your own account.

4. Build your own MP3 download, audio CD or MP3 CD and complete your purchase.

Ascended Master Teachings – Free Samples

Besides being the largest online repository for purchasing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, did you know that the Ascended Master Library has free samples of dictations and lectures in both English and Spanish? Simply go to the Ascended Master Library homepage and click on the Free Samples button to survey the latest offerings.

Ascended Master Library free samples

Ascended Master Library Tutorial

Right after you log into AML with your Summit Lighthouse account information, simply click on the tutorial at the top of the menu.

Ascended Master Library

Build your own ascended master library quickly and easily…in 4 easy steps! We think you'll love the simplicity (and we already know you love the content!).

To make this launch irresistible, visit our website today and listen to 2 specially chosen dictations, 2 landmark lectures and 1 fiery decree session…absolutely free!

Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey

Search, buy, download and listen to your choice of thought-provoking and inspiring spiritual wisdom in 4 easy steps!

Give Ascended Master Library a try.

Keepers of the Flame - Ascended Master Library

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