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The Ascended Master Library (AML) is The Summit Lighthouse's online store for purchasing MP3 downloads of the priceless direct teachings of the ascended masters. Hear the vibration of the Ascended Master’s words.

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Choose from:

  • Over 4,100 dictations
  • Over 5,000 complete lectures and services by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  • Over 5,100 hours of audio
  • Over 7,000 titles
  • 500 songs
  • 1,387 albums (digitized from tape albums created by Elizabeth Clare Prophet)

You can search by:

  • Ascended master
  • Date and date range
  • Category (categories include dictation, lecture, service, song, decree)
  • Song or decree number

AML Search Results Now Show if the Dictation or Lecture is Published:

  • In a Pearl – a published dictation in print or online
  • In a book- see our online bookstore
  • On a DVD- also available in the online bookstore
  • In a Keeper of the Flame lesson

AML is Integrated with the Online Pearls Search:

One of the limitations of AML is that the audio cannot be searched for text. However, many of the dictations and lectures on AML have been made into Pearls which can be searched on the Pearls Search page. The Online Pearls Search results now provide a link to AML when there is audio available. This way you can have the best of both worlds- dictations and lectures available in audio and print.

Below is an example:

Vol. 27 No. 49 – Beloved Saint Germain – October 7, 1984
…Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator XLIV “May You Pass Every Test!” Devotees of the flame of my heart, I …

07/06/1984 This Pearl is available on Ascended Master Library
Available in the book “Lords of The Seven Rays” Kindle

New ways to search:

You can now find all events that are published during a conference, SU quarter or Seminar.

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