Ascended Master Afra – Fiery Heart for Freedom

Ascended Master Afra – Fiery Heart for Freedom

The Ascended Master Afra

Ascended master Afra—a fiery heart for freedom and brotherhood, the ancient patron of the continent of Africa, comes again with a message of unity and brotherhood.

This beloved brother of light is pledged to solve the problems of divergent peoples—local wars, discord in religion, strife between nations, and any where the divide and conquer machinations push people apart.

Long ago, Afra offered name and fame to God to sponsor a vast continent and a mighty people. That continent is Africa. He is the patron of that land and also the patron of the black race. The black race, long ago, was part of what was known as the blue race and the violet race. Their skin actually had a subtle blue or violet hue. These souls lived in a spiritually advanced civilization that existed on the continent of Africa.

Africa, globe in violet flameAfrica was once a part of the continent of Lemuria—the ancient motherland, the place of culture, truth and beauty. On ancient Lemuria there was an age of freedom and enlightenment long lost to recorded history. It was a golden-age civilization with marvelous advances in science and technology.

There were, indeed, ancient golden ages in Africa, when the people came forth out of the light of the causal body of the Great Divine Director, a cosmic being who is a teacher of masters and their students. His causal body is a great blue sphere that surrounds the planet, ensouling the perfect awareness of the Father's plan for all of life. As he did in those ancient golden ages, the Great Divine Director continues to sponsor the divine plan of the continent of Africa, even as he sponsors the divine plan for the descendants of Afra in America.

Since the time of Afra’s ascension, when he showed the way for all the brothers and sisters who would follow after him, many have ascended from the black race.

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