Anchor the Light – Expand the Heart

Anchor the Light – Expand the Heart

This excerpt on anchoring the light of dictations and expanding your heart is taken from Pearl of Wisdom® vol. 38, no. 4 by the ascended master Saint Germain:

“You cannot postpone your path! You cannot postpone the victory of your ascension, for you know not in what day and what hour you will be called to that ascension.

“Therefore, early seek union with God. Maintain that union. Do not stray from it until you are bonded to God, and you and God are one and you can say:

“‘I and my Father are one; I and my Mother are one.'

“There is no tomorrow. There is no yesterday. There is only the Infinite Now. Take the Now and occupy it! Occupy it until I, Saint Germain, may also step into your temple because you have swept it clean. Then shall we become one.

“We are determined, beloved. You must have greater determination than you have ever had. It is God who reaches out to man. You must reach out to God with equal and greater fervor, for you have the greater need. Yet God would succor you.

“Now know, beloved, that there is, there can be, no postponement. There is no postponement of the Victory. There is no postponement of the Light intensifying in you! There can be no postponement.

“I call to you and I say to you, if you do not see to it that you have reanchored the message of my dictation by the time you give your early morning decrees each day, you will lose the level that you have risen to in this hour. Understand this and believe me, beloved.

“As the dark cycles become darker, the bright cycles must become brighter. That is my message! That is my call! I seal it in your heart. I want to see the fervor of your soul, your spirit, your heart whereby you will ignite or reignite your threefold flame, balancing it and increasing its intensity, until you so expand that flame that you are standing in that flame and that flame completely envelops your form. Yes, this you can accomplish. You can increase the size of that threefold flame from one-sixteenth of an inch in height to the full height of your person.

“Give the increase, I say. Increase and multiply God’s Love, Wisdom and Power in your heart and prove to the Karmic Board that you have received and respected their dispensations, every one, and that you are following the directives that have come down from the Lords of Karma for the overcoming of an age—the overcoming of an age, I say, the overcoming and transmutation of all darkness of the age of Pisces.

“Now, therefore, let us enter Aquarius! Let us place our feet firmly on the earth and know that Aquarius is rising—Aquarius is rising within us, within you, and you shall have the empowerment of Saint Germain when all of your temple is cleared and clean and shining bright.”

Ways to help anchor the message of a dictation

  1. Write down all the points you can remember immediately following the dictation,
  2. Attend a video or audio replay of the dictation and take notes,
  3. Periodically listen to the dictation on an audio or video recording,
  4. Study the Pearl of Wisdom and highlight key points,
  5. Read the Pearl every day for a week or longer (especially landmark dictations) until you internalize its message.

Finding & Downloading a Dictation on AM Library

You can purchase and download many dictations and lectures on the Ascended Master Library website. Once downloaded you can move them onto any of your media devices for listening anywhere.

  1. At the end of most Pearls is a sentence that tells you when the dictation or lecture the Pearl was based on was given. For example, “This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on December 31, 1994.”
  2. Write down the date delivered in the form MM/DD/YYYY ie. 12/31/1994.
  3. Go to
  4. Log in and click the Create a New Project button.
  5. Choose your preferred format.
  6. On the search page click on the Advanced Search button at the bottom.
  7. In the Start Date field, enter the date you wrote down in step 2.
  8. The dictation or lecture should be in the list. Add it to your project and check out.

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