Online Radio: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Online Radio: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Our words matter,
and our deeds show how much they matter.

We all know that old cliché: actions speak louder than words. We also know that there’s plenty of truth in it. Our words may tell others what we believe. Our actions show them!

In other words, our deeds demonstrate our beliefs. They have the power to inspire others, often in ways that words cannot.

In fact, what we do and how we do it might be what another soul seeking the truth is looking for at the precise moment we meet them. And timing can be everything, because that soul may have been seeking the truth for many lifetimes!

Again, when we walk our talk, people notice. Putting our words into action makes us living examples of what we believe.

Everything we do makes a difference

No act is insignificant. No act is meaningless. No act is without consequence. Everything we do matters.

This week, we continue with the theme we focused on last week: passing our tests. This time, we are approaching the subject from the perspective of actually becoming and being the change we seek.

When the testing comes,
will we be ready?

Passing our tests is all about mastery…and putting belief into action. In a world filled with spiritual choices, what is it that makes one choice stand out above all others? Simple.

The proof of any spiritual choice is how its followers behave when the chips are down.

This may be one of the biggest and most challenging of the tests we face on the spiritual path: witnessing to our beliefs in the face of adversity.

What are we willing to endure when our beliefs come into question or contention? Can we handle ridicule and persecution? It’s not easy to do. But if our beliefs truly matter to us, we will find the strength to stand firm and demonstrate that we are willing to back them up no matter the consequences.

Not every test is private.
Sometimes we have an audience.

In whatever way we may be called to witness to our beliefs, we won’t always have the luxury of doing it in a one-on-one situation or in the privacy of our own hearts. Often, we will have observers. And some of these may have their lives changed forever by what they see us do as we practice our faith. Because that’s what it ultimately comes down to…consistent faith in action…and the impact of our example on our audience, known or unknown.

Our tests – and our responses to our testing – have ripple effects that may echo down the centuries, affecting souls in ways we may never know until the day of our accounting before the Great Karmic Board.

It’s an awesome responsibility we have to help draw souls closer to the Light. Thankfully, we are never alone. We have the masters, we have the angels and archangels and we have our own Christ Self to draw upon for strength, clarity and resolve.

And all of them, in the faith, hope and expectation of our eventual victory offer us this enthusiastic salutation: May we pass every test!

For more on this subject, tune in December 16 for Actions Speak Louder than Words on The Open Door and on iTunes for anytime anywhere listening!

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