The Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality Series

Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality is the best-selling series on the most important topics on the spiritual path: your Higher Self, the aura, Saint Germain, twin flames and soulmates, and more!

Taken from the years of teaching by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, each small pocket guide is packed full of easy to understand explanations.

Summit University Press books by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Pocket Guides Sample Chapters (PDF format)

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Access the Power of Your Higher Self: Your Source for Inner Guidance and Spiritual Transformation Explore the inner dimensions of the Higher Self, the spiritual presence that abides within each of us. Connect with the Higher Self, access its unlimited energy, and protect and sustain this contact throughout the day. Includes prayers, meditations, visualizations and engaging stories of miracles that people have experienced by applying these principles.

Afra: Brother of Light Ascended Master Afra tells us that a universal brotherhood of man is possible—not as idle dream or utopian future, but here and now. He tells us we are brothers because we have all come from the One Source. Afra would lead us to the source of true brotherhood—if we have the heart to follow…

Alchemy of the Heart: How to Give and Receive More Love Finding a higher love… These sensitive, profound and rare insights help us gain entrée into the most precious, and misunderstood, component of our being—the heart. They show us that while love can be compassionate and nurturing, it can also be powerful, dynamic and practical—a catalyst for spiritual growth.

The Art of Practical Spirituality: How to Bring More Passion, Creativity and Balance into Everyday Life Practical steps for staying in tune with Spirit midst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For listening to the still small voice within. For living in the here and now. Gives creative techniques you can use to uplift yourself and the world around you.

Creative Abundance: Keys to Spiritual and Material Prosperity Money is good. But abundance is more than money. It is love and wisdom, talents and virtues, money and material goods—whatever we need to fulfill our life's purpose. Step-by-step techniques, including treasure mapping, feng shui, visualizations and affirmations to help make your dreams come true.

Creative Power of Sound: Affirmations to Create, Heal and Transform Mystics of East and West have believed that sound creates matter. Sound is the energy of creation. Explains how to experiment with sound patterns called decrees to bring about spiritual, mental, emotional and physical change. Plus seven fundamental principles for using prayers, affirmations, decrees and mantras to generate spiritual energy and bring us closer to our Higher Self.

Hilarion the Healer: The Apostle Paul Reborn The Apostle Paul ...returned for one more life as the great mystic and miracle worker Saint Hilarion. Now an ascended master, Hilarion guides and inspires scientists, healers, doctors, musicians and seekers of truth. Learn the amazing story of Hilarion's lives on earth and his keys for healing body, mind and soul.

How to Work with Angels Bring miracles into your everyday life. Introducing Angels of Protection, Healing, Peace, Wisdom, Love, Joy and Mercy. Learn to develop your own relationship with the angels or expand the contact you already have. Plus inspirational angel stories and prayers.

I AM Your Guard - How Archangel Michael Can Protect You Terrorism. War. Earth changes. Violent crime. The threats to our families, nations and environment are enormous. This breakthrough book will introduce you to Archangel Michael and how you can call for his protection. Ask for his help.

Is Mother Nature Mad? How to Work with Nature Spirits Global Warming. Tsunamis. Earthquakes. Raging Fires. Are natural disasters God-made or man-made? Practical spiritual tools to help restore harmony to the environment and to mitigate extreme weather conditions.

Karma and Reincarnation: Transcending Your Past, Transforming Your Future This insightful book helps you come to grips with karmic connections from past lives that have helped create the circumstances of your life today. Discover how your actions in past lives—good and bad—affect which family you're born into, who you're attracted to, and why some people put you on edge. Most of all, find out how to turn your karmic encounters into grand opportunities to shape the future you want.

Saint Germain: Master Alchemist An introduction to Saint Germain, master alchemist and hierarch of the Aquarian Age. Enjoy the story of his lifetimes on earth and a description of his etheric retreats. Includes Saint Germain’s landmark dictation "May You Pass Every Test!"

Introduces some of Saint Germain's key teachings, including:
  •Science of the Spoken Word and the violet flame and the tube of light
  •The nine steps of precipitation, and
  •The creation of the cloud meditation

Soul Mates and Twin Flames: The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships A new look at love, karma and relationships. Provides techniques that can help you develop deep and lasting relationships. Learn the difference between:
  • Soul mates (drawn together to fulfill a specific mission)
  • Twin flames (created as one in the beginning)
  • Karmic partners

The Story of Your Soul Your soul ...a pearl cast into the sea of the material universe. To go after that pearl and recover your true identity is the goal of life. How? By awakening and overcoming.

  •Your soul's divine potential
  •Free will, karma and reincarnation
  •Navigating the change called death
  •Recognizing the not-self
  •Learning while you sleep
  •Affirmations and meditations
  •Questions and exercises for self-reflection

Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul Create positive change! Learn how to use the violet flame, a unique spiritual energy that can transform negativity into light and restore the joy of God to your world. Increase vitality and spirituality, overcome blocks to healing and transmute the burden of traumatic experiences. Includes inspirational stories from people who have used the violet flame to change their lives.

Your Seven Energy Centers: A Holistic Approach to Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Vitality Powerful insights and tools for wholeness based on the science of the body's subtle energy system. Draws from the wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions to show how you can nurture your soul through seven stages of personal growth. Includes meditations, affirmations and visualizations.

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