Shamballa and the Story of the Yule Log

Shamballa and the Story of the Yule Log

There was a time in earth’s history when there was not a single solitary soul in embodiment who acknowledged or adored the threefold flame within the heart.

Dark Ages of Earth's History

Jesus unveils for us some of this ancient history of earth:

“Now think upon those long, dark centuries, the dark night of the soul of earth—truly the dark ages when all had lost the contact with the mighty threefold flame and therefore became almost as the animal creation, without the divine spark, without conscience or consciousness.

“Thus, all was in great, great darkness. And the coming of the Lord Sanat Kumara, beloved hearts of infinite fire, was to rekindle the physical light and the spiritual light—first to keep the flame for those until some, one, would respond to the keeping of the threefold flame of life.

“Realize how long these ages have been—millions of years according to the annals of earth’s history. And there is sparse understanding of this period because so much is left out of holy scripture; and what remains in East and West is not understood in terms of the centuries and the millennia that have passed.”

From “The Path of the Universal Christ,” of the Climb the Highest Mountain series by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

The Ancient of Days Restores Fire to Rekindle the Threefold Flame

Sanat Kumara, known as the Ancient of Days, restored the spiritual and physical fire to the earth to rekindle the threefold flame in the hearts of her people.

 Shamballa – Etheric “City of White”

Sanat  Kumara's ancient retreat of Shamballa, the etheric “City of White,” was originally a physical replica of the Venusian City of the Kumaras.  Shamballa was built on an island in the brilliant blue Gobi Sea (now the Gobi  Desert) by volunteers who preceded Sanat Kumara to Terra.  From the  mainland, Shamballa was approached by a beautiful marble bridge. The main  temple there, where Sanat Kumara established the focus of the threefold flame  thousands of years ago, was marked by a golden dome and was surrounded by  terraces, flame-fountains, and seven temples—one for each of the seven rays.

The Tradition of the Yule Log

Each year the people would come from many miles to witness the visible, physical sacred fire and to take home a piece of wood consecrated by Sanat  Kumara to light their fires through the coming year.

So began the tradition of the Yule log, commemorating the return to the fire of Christhood. The ancient custom of the Yule Log has come down to us from the service rendered by Sanat Kumara who, each year, consecrated a focus of the sacred fire in the physical octaves.

The First Keeper of the Flame

Thus  Sanat Kumara became the first Keeper of the Flame after the Fall of man and woman on Terra. Other souls and other Ascended Masters came also with Sanat Kumara to keep the flame. Among them was Saint Germain, who carries the flame of the Aquarian age and has come in this time to found an order called the Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity. This non-denominational fraternity is dedicated to keeping the flame of freedom on behalf of mankind in memory of the Ancient of Days.

At this dawn of the age of Aquarius, Saint Germain has gone before the Lords of Karma and received the opportunity to release the knowledge of the violet flame outside of the inner retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, outside of the mystery schools.

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