Violet Flame Vigil to Save the World Re-launched!

Violet Flame Vigil to Save the World Re-launched!

Renewed. Refreshed. Ready to Go!

On July 4th, 2012, we reached out to Keepers of the Flame around the world to launch a Worldwide Violet Flame Vigil. In a few short months, more than 1500 people from 75 countries were participating.

Now, in 2016, the world needs the violet flame more than ever and, once again, we are reaching out to Keepers of the Flame to turn the tide with a new Violet Flame website and Worldwide Vigil.

Already, we have people joining us from:

  • USA, Canada and Mexico
  • Australia, India, Philippines,
  • UK, Russia, Northern Ireland Netherlands, Spain, Romania, India
  • Nigeria and South Africa,
  • Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and the Caribbean island of Curacao.

Will You Join Us to Build a Massive Wave of Violet Flame to Bathe the Earth?

We have a great opportunity…to transmute darkness into the great cosmic wave of light if we will use Saint Germain's alchemical key of the violet flame.

“If for one month you kept a twenty-four-hour vigil to the violet flame, it could change the course of history.” — A Special Dispensation from the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood, Vol. 2, p. 29

Imagine what could happen if we kept a violet flame vigil for beyond one month. If one month can change the course of history, why not extend that vigil until we see real and lasting change for the better on this planet!

So our offering to the ascended masters is a twenty-four-hour-a-day violet flame vigil fueled by fiery hearts around the world.

Our goal is noble: to work together to transmute the karmic cycles currently manifesting and bring transcendence and freedom to the planet.

Save the World with Violet Flame!

“We all love stories and victories. The Ascended Master Omri Tas shares how his civilization saved themselves – and we can to the same!

“Beloved ones, I address you this evening to give to you a remembrance of a period upon our planetary home when we approached the crisis that you are approaching. It was in that hour (when some of you were even a part of our evolutions) that the then Lightbearers of our system did rally to our call…

“There was a rallying by the then representative of the Divine Mother, who moved in the midst of our people. And that one did appeal to their hearts, and the message was transmitted round that planet until all servants of God were galvanized, even by the power of her heart and the Great Central Sun Magnet. They were quickened, almost as though they were suddenly in another dimension, and they awakened to the urgency of the hour!

“Beloved, they responded before even greater odds than you face today. They turned the tide with the violet flame. – Omri Tas 6-24-1991

Signing up for the Vigil is simple!

Just go to the worldwide violet flame vigil page on the Violet Flame website.

Fill in the information (like where you live and your time commitment!) then click on Join the Violet Flame Vigil.

We are also adding violet flame audio and video resources for giving violet flame decrees with Elizabeth Clare Prophet. (And you can receive an updated free ebook on the spiritual solutions for our time – Prophecy for a New Millennium!)

Please join us for this stupendous opportunity—as Saint Germain has promised—to “forestall cataclysm, but also accelerate world enlightenment” by the diligent application of the violet flame.

Also, with this “reincarnation” of the Violet Flame Vigil, we have added a Facebook community at We hope to hear from you!

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