Making the Shift at Home

Watch our special community-building webinar.

Making the Shift. Placing Christ in the Center of Your Home.

April 30, 2015


  • Explore how to make the vital shift to a home-centered spiritual culture.
  • Discover what current research shows about why young adults are leaving churches and what you can do about it.
  • Find out ways to team up with families in your community to nurture children and youth.

Gain insights as well as practical techniques for building an Aquarian-age community where you live.


Candice Vann, RD, a mother of two and a long-time student of the ascended masters, is passionate about families, youth and the home-centered spiritual education of children. She is currently employed as the The Summit Lighthouse Family and Youth Team Leader and as an on-line Summit University course developer and instructor. In addition, she practices as a Licensed Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator.

Janet Nordemann M.Ed. is a retired classroom teacher, having taught 20 years in the Montessori International elementary school and 20 years in Missouri public schools. She is a Lay Sister in Church Universal and Triumphant and currently works on the Family and Youth Team and for Summit University as a course developer and instructor for the SU online program. Janet is devoted to working with children and families and establishing the home-centered philosophy in our worldwide community.

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