Saint Germain on Alchemy – Part 2

Saint Germain on Alchemy Lecture, Part 2

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

This video clip is a preview of the 2-DVD Set, Saint Germain on Alchemy by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. 2.5 hours, $29.95, #DVSETP09004.

Here is the transcript of this YouTube video of Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saint Germain, alchemy and the violet flame:

We are, then, at a moment of tremendous opportunity, having come to this place where the knowledge of God's light and the new age is dawning. There is a moment—a moment in history when, as never before, we can play a part that can make the difference.

We are especially gifted by being on this North American continent by having a history of freedom and a tradition in our Judeo-Christian religion of those who fought and won their freedom and counted not the cost and did pay the price. We are at a moment when all of this could be lost or all of this could be the fire to literally the spirals of degeneration and death and the forces that assail, whether our youth or our children or our own hearts.

This is the great message of Saint Germain. It is not a new message but it is indeed a new opportunity. Some of you who understand 2,000-year cycles realize that there are dispensations and that there are ages and times when Light can be expanded. This, as you know, is an age of the Dark Cycle. It's called the Kali Yuga.

And in the very midst of this cycle, as we are all attempting to bring forth the Light and attending that Second Coming and looking for the souls of Light sent to us, we realize that first earth must face a tremendous returning planetary karma. Karma is coming through the Four Horsemen. It comes as plague. It comes as death. It comes as manipulation of the economy, as symbolized by the scales. It comes upon us, then. And what do we do?

Some among mankind are simply trodden down by this returning karma. Others face it with a tremendous light and determination and survive. We find that in order to survive today there are things we have to do, each one according to his own nature and evolution, whether it is diet or fasting or meditation or prayer or a coming apart or certain professions and calling. But everyone I meet has a sense of destiny and a sense of mission. I am talking about the Lightbearers of the world, and I see them night after night.

For twenty-seven nights I was in Europe—from Finland, Helsinki, through Scandinavia, through the British Isles, in the main portion of Europe, and finally finishing in Portugal where I saw the most amazing devotion among the poorest of people. And I thought to myself, “Surely, this land has been blessed by the visit of our blessed Mother Mary at Fátima.”

Beloved Mother Mary, the Archeia, is the twin flame of Archangel Raphael, whose retreat in the etheric octave is over Fátima.

It is amazing that we find, nation after nation, people coming forth with the same beautiful eyes of light, the same searching, the same knowing, the same sensing.

First of all, I want to bring you a message that there is a tremendous spiritual unity among those who do not belong to similar organizations and have really never come together in one place. And, by the way, next summer 1987, we are planning our international conference at the Royal Teton Ranch in the Heart of the Inner Retreat. We've held those in '82, ‘3, and ‘4, and now are in our accelerated building program and therefore going to hold our summer conference at Camelot this year.  [See upcoming dates of events here.]

There are so many people around the world who see the Ranch and want to come and see the faces. My sense is that if all of this people could set aside their differences, could stop arguing about which new-age teacher is better or whether we should eat meat or whether we shouldn't eat meat or whether we should do this or that, and realize that we have such an endowment of an understanding and a background, that to unite together in the fervor—one, of the violet flame and the knowledge of the precipitation of the abundant life—I am convinced because I have seen it on a small scale that we can make the difference.

I am also convinced that for now seventy-five years and more, those reaching for the new age who have held their congresses and who have come together have really not made a dent in the serious conditions that plague us because they have departed into byways and into areas of separation. I say that truthfully because of the devastation that happened from the Bolshevik Revolution to the First and Second World Wars, wars continuing today. And who is in control of the wars?

Well, according to the records of akasha, war was brought to this planet by the fallen angels and their mutual rivalry for the territory. And who do you think they set up as fodder to move one against the other as cannon fodder to secure their territories? It hasn't stopped. It went on ages ago.

Some of you who read Zecharia Sitchin know that he says that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by nuclear energy. Mark Prophet, my late husband and the founder of this movement, also said that, and he got it from the akashic records, and Sitchin got it from the Sumerian tablets. And we know that this is why the Salt Sea and the Dead Sea came to be what it was.

And so the entire Sumerian civilization that had inventions of what we have today and beyond was wiped out in one night.

So what do we understand? We have been through this again and again and again. If peace marches could accomplish the ends, they would have already accomplished them. And I am concerned lest we march and do not understand that the real power of stopping nuclear war or the misusing of nuclear reactors lies within our hearts and within our chakras, and that the prayer form that is the most powerful way to release the fruit of meditation is the dynamic decree.

This video clip is a preview of the 2-DVD Set, Saint Germain on Alchemy by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. 2.5 hours, #DVSETP09004.

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