Mystery of the Ascension 2 – Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey and the Mystery Schools

With Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the path of the Ascension under the tutelage of the ascended master Serapis Bey and the Brotherhood at Luxor.

Who is Serapis Bey?

Serapis Bey is a friend of freedom who has arisen to be in our midst – to teach us the way that has been walked by many other the saints. Some that we know and some whom we do not know.

He was embodied on Atlantis and in the closing hour of when that continent was to be destroyed because of the people's misuse of love in science and in the manipulation of energy against one another. The sinking of Atlantis is recorded in Genesis as the flood of Noah.

Prior to its sinking Sanat Kumara notified certain of his sons that it was time to transfer the flames that they had consecrated on the alters on retreats and temples on Atlantis to other parts of the earth because the continent was about to go down.

Serapis Bey was one who journeyed with devotees of the white light to the place where Luxor Egypt is now for the setting up of the retreat of the Ascension Temple on the physical plane and the etheric plane.

Saint Germain was another who left Atlantis in her closing days to establish the flame for freedom in what is now Romania in the Transylvanian foothills there establishing that flame a freedom which was to become the foundation of the house of Rackozy.

Others went forth from Atlantis and because they sailed and were willing to dedicate their flames in other parts of the earth after the flood passed, civilization began again and there were mystery schools. Schools where souls, who responded by their hearts' devotion to the flame that was kept, could go.

This is the origin of Serapis Bey, who did not take his ascension until about 400 BC, choosing to remain in embodiment to become the sponsor of some of the greatest, if not the greatest architectural feats, that has ever been brought forth up on the earth.

The more we study about Serapis Bey, the more we grow in awe for this Son of God who has held steadfast to the disciplines at the white light and has received, year after year, candidates for the Ascension.

The requirement for earth and her evolutions to keep in the orbit of the Sun, to keep open a way of life, the requirement for the planet to continue to exist, is that one Son of God make his ascension each year. This is the requirement. If it were not for the Mystery School of Serapis Bey and the Brotherhood at Luxor, the teachings on the Ascension would not have gone forth and therefore earth's evolutions would have not fulfilled the requirement of the law.

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