The Sword of Mercy

The Sword of Mercy

This excerpt is from the dictation by Kuan Yin given at the Pyramid Conference, October 1969 and published as a Radiant Word in the 1971 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 14 No. 40.

Beloved ones who worship at the Temple of Mercy, gather close now round about the flame. Dip into the flame with your heart and with your love and partake of the essence of the Sacred Fire. Recharge your form with its regenerative momentums and let the living Light of the mercy of God be known around the world.

Let the cry of hope go forth! Let faith answer, let charity point the way; for this day we have declared it: Mercy shall triumph in the world and mankind shall come to know the fullness of the Law of God, the fullness of the manifestation of His Truth! To this end we serve. Will you serve with us, beloved ones?

Won’t you stand now and draw the sword of mercy from your own hearts? Did you know that you can do that, beloved ones? You may place your right hand upon your heart and draw forth the flame of mercy therefrom, which you then qualify as the sword of mercy. Do you know that at any hour of the night or day you may draw forth this sword from your heart? And what is this sword? It is the living Word; it is the power of the Flame of the Holy Spirit.

With this sword in hand you may then go forth acknowledging the power of the Christ; and you may give the following call unto me and I will answer, for I am bidden by the Lord of Hosts to answer the call of each and every devotee of mercy:

“O Beloved Kuan Yin, charge now this sword with thy flame of forgiveness, of healing and truth, of mercy and freedom. Make my right arm the scepter of thy power in the world of form where I desire to extend thy grace–into this situation, into this problem. Let the full expansion of the fire of mercy from the altar at Peking be charged now through my right arm and through my heart by this sword of living flame, that the children of God upon earth may come to know that the fire of mercy will allay all fear, will quench the blaze of men’s emotions, will stop the rioting of the masses, will quiet the concerns of the youth–their worries and their rebellious energies.”

Beloved ones, whenever a problem is called to your attention in the world of form, whether it involves hundreds or millions, your own family or your country, draw the sword of mercy, point it directly into the core of the problem, and feel the action of mercy’s power rushing in to balance minds and feelings–to transmute and make whole. Meditate upon the sword; visualize its penetrating, all-consuming action; and let the flame do its perfect work. All you have to do is call to me and then know that the fullness of the Law will act if you will hold your attention upon the desired perfection and meditate upon the Light of the Christ for several moments or minutes as the need requires.

Now, beloved ones, take the sword–the precipitated power of the Sacred Word–and return it to your heart, and think upon this thought this day: If you can draw forth the sword of mercy from the flame focus within your heart, can you not also draw forth the sword of blue flame, the sword of truth, the crystal sword, the sword of divine love, the sword of healing, and the sword–the pillar of fire–of your own ascension?

Sharper than a two-edged sword is the living Word of God; and whenever and wherever it is called forth, His fire will go out into the world to manifest His perfection. If you will but keep the Flame of Life blazing within your heart and make the call for it to come into manifestation, you will have at your disposal a most powerful instrument of God for the healing of the nations and the victory of the Light in all mankind. Therefore, accept this opportunity and humbly and joyously acknowledge that through you God will certainly do all that is required to bring humanity into the knowledge and understanding of His will and into the triumph of the Golden Age.

Whenever you are confronted with a situation wherein you would be tempted to say to yourself, “I just don’t know what to do; I don’t know how to handle this problem,” stop for a moment. Become calm and centered in the Presence of God within; call to me in the name of your God Presence and your Christ Self; and then draw forth the sword of mercy and behold the action of the Christ.

This is my gift to you this day–the understanding that as sons and daughters of the Flame you have the power and the authority, if you will but claim it in His name, to invoke the power of the Flaming Sword and to see what wonders God will perform through your hands, through your hearts, and through your heads….

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