The Summit Lighthouse Founding

The Summit Lighthouse Founding

The Great White Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood is the company of ascended masters who have said: “We are not going on in the cosmos beyond and leaving Terra behind. We will stay; we will tarry.”

At this moment in cosmic history, the door is wide open. The Great White Brotherhood is sponsoring the release of the spoken Word through conferences, through writings, through books, through monthly Pearls of Wisdom® and the Keepers of the Flame® lessons.

They are releasing the full teaching that the dispensations of cosmic law allow at the conclusion of the two-thousand-year cycle of Pisces.

The Age of Aquarius

At the end of each two thousand years, there is an impetus of light whereby the door opens and cosmic law is presented for the next dispensation.

The time of Jesus was the last time that there was this intensity. And before that, in the Mosaic dispensation, again we had new revelations of the law, of the I AM.

We're living in a bountiful time, a time of cosmic abundance—a time when we can reap a harvest of spiritual fruit from our causal bodies, strike a blow for the Lord, win our victory, climb over that wall, and help mankind over, too.

The Founding of The Summit Lighthouse

Summit Lighthouse 50 yearsSo, to fulfill this plan, the ascended masters—namely El Morya, who is the Chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood—contacted Mark L. Prophet in 1958 and told him to found The Summit Lighthouse in Washington, D.C. August 7 is the anniversary date of the founding of The Summit Lighthouse in 1958.

He had been trained by Morya since childhood and also prior to this life. His assignment was to go to Washington to found The Summit Lighthouse.

Three years later Elizabeth Clare Prophet was contacted by El Morya in Boston, where she was attending college, and called to be trained as a messenger.

She was introduced to Mark Prophet who became the instrument of her training under El Morya and Saint Germain.

Sacred Scriptures for the Aquarian Age

The purpose of the training: to release the sacred scriptures for the Aquarian age—the two-thousand-year dispensation of the writing of the law of the flame of freedom which had already been begun through the messengers Godfre Ray King and Lotus Ray King in the I AM movement in the late twenties and thirties. That was an endeavor and a movement begun by Saint Germain. What Saint Germain went through, the dispensations necessary, the calling-together of a body of devotees, and what happened and transpired in their response to the flame of freedom, is a saga of souls—souls of freedom who have written an immortal page in the history of a planet.

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