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The Summit Lighthouse online bookstore offers a wide array of gifts, books, CDs and DVDs on the teachings of the ascended masters, plus downloadable books and brochures.

The Summit Lighthouse Online Bookstore

The Summit Lighthouse online bookstore

TSL Online Bookstore

The Summit Lighthouse online bookstore offers the books, CDs and DVDs with the dictations from the archangels and the ascended masters through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Profound teachings of the ascended masters help you make sense of your spiritual path, soul identity, and what is going on around the world.

Browse the selections of spiritual art, wallet cards and posters – stay focused with uplifting images!

Ascended Master Library

The Ascended Master Library is a great source of audio dictations and lectures available as “build it yourself” MP3 discs or download products.

Ascended Master Library Website

eBooks from The Summit Lighthouse

Looking for ebooks on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet? We have them available for Kindle, Nook and Apple. These ebooks can be read on any mobile device or computer with readily available free apps.

Check out all our esoteric classics on the human aura, violet flame and spiritual alchemy, the Kaballah, karma and reincarnation, soul mates and twin flames, the ascended masters and their retreats, and the lost years of Jesus.

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