Saint Joseph, Now the Ascended Master Saint Germain

Saint Joseph, Now the Ascended Master Saint Germain

The following is an excerpt from a dictation by the ascended master Saint Germain as Saint Joseph through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, June 27, 1992.

Dictation by Saint Joseph (excerpt)

I come to you out of the heart of God—thy God and my God—for there is but one. I come to you containing in my Causal Body long ages of preparation for the age of Pisces. From the hour of the Lord Jesus' reign 35,000 years ago on Atlantis unto the hour of the betrayal of his reign by the dark forces, through the aeons that have descended, the preparation of the age of Pisces and the coming of that Son of God was ongoing…

Saint Joseph with Christ in His Arms by Reni GuidoYour Holy Christ Self is indeed the Lamb of God. And as you allow this Christ to be “formed and re-formed in you” in the likeness of the Holy One of God, so you shall know the experience of the slaying of the Lamb and the attempt of the fallen angels to pierce to the very soul of your being in order to snuff out the candle of the living Christ in the earth…

And so I was chosen to father the Son of God in his final incarnation and in so doing to father the Piscean age, as I said, by long preparation beforehand. All the players in that scene of the family and all whom we met and worked with, aye, John the Baptist and great adepts of the East and those with whom we were in contact whose names are not recorded—all those players to the scene, including disciples and the multitudes, descended knowing that they would act out the greatest pageant of all history. And in acting it out, I say to you, beloved, they were counseled and trained to play their role of individual Christhood and to play it to its fullest…

Yes, the day must dawn when you find yourself as the mirror image of your own beloved Holy Christ Self.  And therefore, the separation will be slight and as that rapprochement occurs wherein the soul no longer fears to enter into complete union, no longer fears the wedding day or the wedding garment, I say, beloved, you shall walk the earth again as Christed ones as you did in that ancient golden-age civilization on Atlantis when you had balanced 51 percent of your karma. And many did ascend who went on to balance 100 percent of their karma in that time and dispensation, while others, some among you included, did lose ground and therefore did lose the 51 percent they had gained…

Yes, I AM Saint Joseph, and I walk in the full mantle of my office as protector of Mary and of every mother and every woman and of every child in the earth. And I tell you, beloved, that I play that role. As many in the earth call to me as Saint Joseph, so I respond to that name.  Knowing who I am, therefore, I can be called by any name, any key of any name of any past incarnation. Thus, I have rolled them into one and determined to be called by you merely “Holy Brother,” Saint Germain….

Yes, beloved, civilization will stand or fall. It will stand only if you determine to bind the force of Antichrist that was in the heart of Herod whereby he sent out his henchmen to slaughter the male babies in order to be sure to destroy the living Christ Jesus. And therefore, the angels of the Seventh Ray led us in the flight into Egypt and it was indeed a flight from the terror of the powers-that-be of the time.

And do not think that it was not a challenge for me and for Mary. Yes, it was indeed! For we were in the form that you are in this day, we were in the times and we knew exactly what could happen if we did not play our role…

I say, this place is indeed the cradle of a new civilization of Lightbearers! And I, Saint Joseph, am on hand as always to inaugurate cycles and dispensations by the power of the Seventh Ray.  Therefore, I come to you in the great glory of God and I tell you that the mission of Jesus Christ was an absolute God-success for those who did receive it and who did, therefore, by the power of his mouth-to-mouth, heart-to-heart resuscitation come into their own victory in the Light.

But very quickly the fallen angels, the wolves in sheep's clothing, did come along, did distort the doctrine, did destroy the works of Origen and others. And therefore the perversion of the teachings of my Son are in the earth today, entrenched in doctrine and dogma and inciting fear in the many hearts of Light who should have gathered in this tent for this convocation upon the coming of Alpha and Omega—blessed be the holy names of our Father-Mother God….

I come to you to place my mantle and Presence of Saint Joseph over you so that you may go and do the work and be our hands and feet, our hearts and our chakras in the earth. Blessed ones, if you will spend your life and time and hours in this endeavor, I assure you that to have my Presence over you will ultimately manifest in you as the regaining of your strength, your health, your youth.

Beloved, if I may work through you, I will raise you up. But you must give attention to me.

Remember me as I walked by the child Jesus, as I walked with Mary and as I guided them until the hour of my transition. Remember, then, how Jesus did go alone, joining the caravan to the East. Yes, beloved, the Son of God was overshadowed by angels and by the hierarchy of the dispensation of the Piscean age and by myself when I was no longer in embodiment.

Yes, beloved, we have work to do! We have some unfinished business with the fallen ones who have moved against my Son and against you as my sons and daughters in every age, lifetime after lifetime…

Now I say to you, beloved, the fallen ones have been working overtime on you and many others of your companions who are not here for one reason or another. And they have sought to move you this way and that way. They have worked hard to insert into your mind thoughts that are not your own, interpretations of life, inserting desires in the mind and in the desire body…

And then you have gone another way and a-this-way and a-that-way instead of first seating yourself in the place of the Holy of holies of your heart chakra with your Holy Christ Self and simply saying:

Be still and know that I AM God and that the I AM THAT I AM within me is that God! And I will not be moved from my course of service to my God…

Now I, Saint Joseph, give you your very first assignment and it is this: As you lay your head to rest this night, make the call to be taken to the Royal Teton Retreat at the Grand Teton. You have done the work magnificently, and the multiplication of your Ashram rituals as you come together in such numbers is a beauty to behold as the whole planet glistens with an antahkarana that you are establishing and strengthening every hour and day of your presence here, multiplied by the chalice of Elohim in the Heart of the Inner Retreat and multiplied by the Western Shamballa and the heart of Lord Gautama Buddha, blessed be his name….

I AM Saint Joseph. And though I come as the Hierarch of Aquarius, I am not done with Pisces! For I am determined to see a victory out of it all and, through you and this Messenger, the publishing abroad of the true teachings of Jesus Christ. For they are the foundation of Aquarius and Aquarius cannot rise without the self-knowledge of every man, woman and child upon this planet of his own Holy Christ Self and of the Son of God and of the I AM Presence and of the violet flame!

See to it, then, ye warriors of the Spirit and of the earth! See to it, ye saints of God in the flesh! Now make your life count as it has never counted before in all past ages and graduate with glory in your ascension in the Light!

Leave, then, your children to move on in your footsteps. Do not spare the rod. I did not spare the rod with my son Jesus and therefore he grew up the disciplined one. Whether you think you have an avatar or not, recognize that the four lower bodies must be disciplined and the soul itself.

Yes, beloved, I AM Saint Joseph and I shall not relinquish my role either in the Catholic Church or anywhere where I am called. And where you call to my beloved wife, Mary, I AM there. Therefore when you sing the Sanctissima songs, know that I am a part of the answer and the resounding flame from the heart of the Blessed, the most blessed Cosmic Virgin, who embodied to give birth to your Saviour and my Saviour, your Lord and my Lord.

This dictation excerpt is from the conference FREEDOM 1992:  Joy in the Heart held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana published in the Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 35 no. 26, June 28, 1992.

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