Spiritual Tools for Parents, Teens and Families

Spiritual Tools for Parents, Teens and Families

Montessori International, a division of the Summit Lighthouse, was founded in 1970 by international authors and lecturers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Based on the educational principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, the goal of Montessori International has always been to offer students and their parents the highest standards of educational excellence.

For 30 years Montessori International successfully educated children according to the true meaning of educate—to draw forth from within. Students reached high academic levels and many of its graduates went on to prestigious universities and successful careers.

Montessori International shifted its scope from a small private school to an international center for educational resources.  Visit the Family area for an array of spiritual tools for parents, teens and families: news on upcoming events and spiritual retreats, articles, lessons and archived webinars.

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