Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Q and A Part 3

Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Q and A Part 3

Questions and Answers with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Twin Flames, Soul Mates and the Karma that Separates Us, Part 3

Do you have to marry someone you have karma with? And what is a karmic marriage?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers:

You don't have to marry anyone to balance karma if you have the mastery to balance it. You may have a karma that mandates a marriage, which would be a karmic marriage, but you also have karma with many people whom you do not have to marry to balance karma.

Now, when you marry—and I believe that relationships should be consummated in marriage if they're going to be of any endurance—you do take on one another's karma. And that is the real meaning of the vow at the altar. “In sickness and in health” means in cycles of karma.

So that is the seriousness of a marriage vow. And this is why people may resist marriage. This is why the phrase “The honeymoon is over” was coined.

When you look at someone, after all else is considered, you have to say to yourself, “Do I want to share in that person's karma?” And karma is circumstance. And the type of person that person is and the problems they have or the things they get into, even their career, is their karma.

We may meet people in life to whom we have been married in previous lives. Our karmic ties and our deep emotional ties and our unresolved relationships all usually cross our path in a given lifetime—that is, the number of them that our Holy Christ Self and the Karmic Board decides we must deal with in this lifetime.

The best way to deal with them is to use lots of violet-flame decrees and to pray that your karma is balanced and that you give back to that lifestream—to their soul, to their causal body—the gift of love from your I AM Presence to pay off all debts.

Karma prevents you from finding the perfect mate, and you should recognize that the violet flame called forth from the sacred heart of Jesus and from Saint Germain (Saint Joseph) is the all-consuming fire of the Holy Spirit that balances karma.

How do you tell if you are in a karmic marriage?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers:

None of us really knows what we're getting into when we get into a relationship or a marriage, because people grow, and cycle by cycle through the years, karma is outplayed.

So things we have not seen in people may surface later, or the very chemistry of the relationship brings out situations that one never suspected.

So sometimes the bond is everlasting and sometimes it is a karmic marriage, and I would give decrees to know the difference.

How do we tell if a relationship we're in is keeping out our twin flame or if it's balancing karma? If there are a lot of problems, is it time for a divorce?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers:

Here we go. Advice to the lovelorn!

Well, it may or may not be. I believe in working—and working hard—at a marriage.

And I believe that we should always love beyond the person to God. Our devotion is to God or to the twin flame, and we ought to try to make our marriages work.

And if they don't work, we ought to be just as smart to recognize it and pray about it and see to it that we don't overstay and create more karma and waste both partners' lives when we could actually be accomplishing more good without the burden of a relationship that is obviously leading neither party in any constructive direction.

What I think that we should do when we have problems in relationships that are knotty and have seemingly insurmountable odds is to do what Jesus said—pray and fast.

And I'm talking about fasting on the violet flame, fasting on dynamic decrees of the Holy Spirit, as well as fasting on water with a little lemon juice, or apple juice, or carrot juice for a few days while you clear your head, attune with God and do some real soul-searching for the right answers.


What is the violet flame? How is it able to transmute karma? What is the power of that? Is it a living entity? Or how does it do that?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers:

Well, the violet flame was promised in the Old and New Testaments. And it is the sacred fire.

Moses testified by direct witness. He said, “Thy God is a consuming fire.” And Paul said the sacred fire would try every man's work. Well, obviously our God is not going to consume us, his children, so what does he consume with his fire? He consumes our sins, our discords, our problems, our karma. God said that in those days “I will remember their sin no more.”

It's also prophesied in the Book of Revelation that when the seventh angel will begin to sound, God will finish his mysteries. The seventh angel is the Master Saint Germain, hierarch of the Aquarian age, who brings us the violet flame.

The gift of the violet flame is an Aquarian-age dispensation. It's the flame of freedom, forgiveness, and alchemy. And when this flame is invoked, it passes through the subconscious and, in conjunction with your right mindfulness, your love, your good works to God and man, the violet flame as the agency of the Holy Spirit consumes the records of the past.

This is how we achieve liberation in the West in this age. This is the corresponding path to what the yogis and avatars have taught as soul liberation.

It's a good time to invoke the violet flame with a mantra that you can all memorize very easily:

I AM a being of violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires!

When you use the name of God, I AM, you are using the name that God gave to Moses. It is the power of the sacred name that releases the light from your causal body. That's your causal body of light.

Since your twin flame has a causal body with the identical electronic blueprint (though from the moment of creation each one develops his own individuality), you can also draw down the violet flame from the causal body of your twin flame.

Or you can give some violet fire to your twin flame. You say, “My twin flame is a being of violet fire! My twin flame is the purity God desires!” This is a fiat which you can make. Then you say:

In the name of Jesus Christ, I call forth the violet flame from the heart of Saint Germain, the seventh-ray Masters, the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood and from our causal bodies for and on behalf of myself and my twin flame, wherever the beloved may be, worlds without end. In the name of the Holy Spirit I decree:

My twin flame is a being of violet fire!
My twin flame is the purity God desires! (Say it nine times or more.)

The decree, or “mantra,” is the key that unlocks the light of your causal body, causing it to descend and come into manifestation physically.

You all have treasures stored in heaven. Your good works, good karma from past lives—every positive momentum: it's all there in these rainbow spheres of light.

In the violet sphere, all the momentum of violet flame you have ever called forth is stored, together with all service and initiation on the seventh ray.

Also when you call to the violet flame, the Masters of the violet flame who serve with planet earth and her evolutions send their momentum of violet flame to you.

So you can actually visualize your divine counterpart blazing with the violet flame when you make this call:

My twin flame is a being of violet fire!
My twin flame is the purity God desires! (9x)

Is there anything concrete that we can do to protect our twin flame?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers:

Definitely. You have the authority, the unique authority to make a call for the protection of your twin flame because you are tied at that level. You can say:

In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, I call now for the victory of my twin flame, for the cutting free of my twin flame by the power of the mighty blue flame and sword of Archangel Michael. Legions of Light, come into action now! And wherever my twin flame is, cut him/her free. Cut me free. Cut us free now to fulfill the divine plan and attain union in the level of the Christ, in the level of our chakras. And if it be the will of God, draw us together in a lifetime service. We thank you and accept it done this hour in full power according to God's will. Amen.

Then you give a blue-flame decree and visualize Saint Michael and his blue-lightning angels around yourself and your twin flame.

You can follow this with 15 minutes to a half hour of violet flame for yourself and your twin flame to consume the cause and core of all that stands between you and your perfect love. And this is something you can do as often as you like.

If you do this daily, you'll build a momentum of power with the first and seventh-ray angels, who will help you and your twin flame in every way they can.

A decree can be used for anything. You can take the decree of your choice and after the preamble give a prayer to Jesus or to God or to your Mighty I AM Presence and ask for the cutting free of your twin flame if that one is in physical embodiment and if it is the will of God that you're supposed to meet.

Meeting, of course, is not the only goal. The goal is to pray for your twin flame to find God and attain reunion with God, because that is the real meeting place of twin flames.

So any decree you give will help your twin flame as it helps you—if you want to give violet flame for freedom, or blue flame for protection, or the green-ray decrees for healing, the golden flame of illumination for problem solving, and so forth.

Then you commend your love's keeping unto God and go about serving to set all life free. Because where you love, where you serve, where you give, all of your energy is also available to your twin flame.

So everything positive you do right now is helping your twin flame and helping you balance your karma so you can come to that point of the grand reunion which is only the beginning.

You and your twin flame are destined to move on through the ages, through the solar light, to become responsible as godparents for lifewaves and evolutions beyond this system of worlds. There's no end to the possibilities.

And once you are free of the chains of karma and out of the round of rebirth, you will be free to fulfill your destiny—together, worlds without end.

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