Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Q and A Part 2

Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Q and A Part 2

Questions and Answers with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Twin Flames, Soul Mates and the Karma that Separates Us, Part 2

When you're on the search for your twin flame, are you suggesting that you shouldn't partake of other relationships?—like, say, if you meet someone and decide to just have a companion for a while, but it's not compatible enough for marriage. Are you suggesting not to partake of those sort of relationships?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers:

I've seen others in marriages where they fight intensely because they will not surrender their egos for the sake of the greater and the higher love. This is so destructive to the family and so unnecessary!

You were saying that twin flames might not recognize each other. At what point would there be that union? What can you do? It would seem inevitable at some point there would be that reunion.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers:

You can make the call to God, “Show me who my twin flame is.”

But the development of your inner faculties, of your inner knowing, comes through decreeing, through giving the violet flame. It's the most efficacious means on the planet of spiritual development. It will be the crown of all other paths, meditations, forms, asanas you have been through. And you will notice it if you're diligent with it.

Of course, she's got to recognize you, too, so that's an important reason to decree also. Because you can tell her all day, “You're my twin flame,” and she can say, “Get lost,” you know.

The fastest way I know of getting there is to decree. Believe me when I tell you there is nothing greater than the science of the spoken Word.

I wish you could have all seen me 25 years ago and the acceleration of my life and God in me through just the science of the spoken Word and the blessed Masters' sponsorship.

I'd like some guidelines on how to recognize my twin flame from a false twin flame. Recently I was engaged and I realized that he had some characteristics that I didn't think I could live with. And yet, he had many fine characteristics. It was so difficult to separate from that person. I think I made a wise decision, but I'd like some guidelines.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers:

Well, most people have a collection of good and bad qualities. And basically we do decide on our relationships based on what we can live with in a person given the fact that there's a greater love that binds us.

Now, determining who your twin flame is by a person's good and bad qualities is not a safe method because the knowledge of the twin flame is very inner. And it's almost best to blind oneself and stop up one's senses and to follow the flame of the heart. Sometimes outer examination and analysis can be very misleading.

So what we can do is go to the heart of hearts. And marriage is such a total commitment, especially when you're on the Path, that it warrants a prior period of aloneness, prayer, fasting, calling to Archangel Michael to protect oneself from what we are warned of by Saint Paul—”Be ye not unequally yoked together…for what communion hath light with darkness?” And “Be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”

You see, the hallmark of true love is liberty, not the suppression of our true self for or by another.

And so God will tell you if you give him the opportunity to tell you. But if you don't want to know because you want this person more than you want the Truth, then you can get into trouble.


Because of this acceleration you were speaking about, and the end of Pisces, are we destined to meet our twin flames in this life?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers:

First of all, everyone has to realize that, given statistics and the law of averages, not everyone's twin flame is his approximate age, is available, is in embodiment, and is necessarily an adjunct to one's life calling.

Your twin flame could be an Ascended Master, your twin flame could be a baby, your twin flame could be in the octaves of light waiting to be born again on earth.

So we hope that our twin flame may be here, but you have to be prepared, of course, for the eventuality that it is not your destiny to meet your twin flame in this life, in which case the course of action is still the union with God, following the Lost Teachings of Jesus taught to us by the Ascended Masters, and the raising up and the exalting of the light of yourself and your twin flame even if the twin flame is not presently with you.

Because, of course, the reality of the twin flame is not mere flesh and blood. The twin flame is a being who at inner levels is never separate from you at the level of the causal body—who is always in your heart.

What we're talking about is the outer separation. That's what's painful.

Now, when it is obvious that the divine plan is not to meet one's twin flame, that doesn't mean that God will not provide a partner, a companion, a husband, a wife. And this person may be a soul mate, a person that you've been good friends with a long time whom you do care for deeply, with whom you can get a job done—a relationship that is soul-satisfying because it's project oriented.

Or you may have a karma that can't be balanced any other way than in a marriage, and that too may be fulfilling for the lessons that you learn and for the love you give to one another and your children, which is all-important.

So then, what we need to call for beyond calling for the twin flame is the divine plan. What is our divine plan and who is it we're destined to be with, to raise a family or go into business with, or this or that?

So I think that the calls to God and the decrees on the Path are the best insurance for the best possible outcome given the hand we have dealt ourselves from our previous rounds.

Now, you will never attract anyone of worth as long as you have blocks, anxieties, and all kinds of schisms in the psyche, because you'll attract a person like that.

And then you'll have two of you to solve the problems of. But I think you should relax and be joyous because you can be joyous in God.


Does it matter if you don't meet your twin flame? Is it something which is necessary and, you know, if you don't, will it slow down your evolution?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers:

You know, our life plans are very complex. We descend into embodiment with a certain job to do. We have many accounts to settle and responsibilities we've left off on.

And sometimes we have to get through a lot of those things before the cycle comes for the meeting of the twin flame. Sometimes it's the boy next door; you knew him all your life. But you had to get everything else out of the way first.

It's so different for everyone. Sometimes it's imperative that you find your twin flame, and sometimes it's not the plan for this life.

You see, what you have to understand is that Jesus said that the days would be shortened for the sake of the elect, and the shortening of the days means the acceleration of cycles. And the more cycles of past causes you've set in motion you can get through (transmute or resolve), the more you can actually speed up your life.

In other words, you can do more in this lifetime with the use of the violet flame than you could in previous lives under ordinary circumstances.

So, nothing changes in your life without the sacred fire. And I do recommend you read this book, The Science of the Spoken Word, by Mark Prophet and myself—good, you got one!

It is a book for twin flames because it gives you the tools to give daily decrees to transmute karma with the violet flame along with your service to life.

You can write letters to God, you know. They work. You write it, you put it in your Bible on your little altar where you pray or meditate. Then you ask God, if it is his will and in accordance with your divine plan, that he please reveal to you your twin flame and how you can cooperate at inner or outer levels with that person.


Would you say through reincarnation that when you incarnate a female you would always be female?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers:

No. We do change—masculine, feminine. The polarity of the Spirit is one thing, but in this octave one of our tests is to develop both masculine and feminine qualities.

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