Saint Patrick – Call to Helias

Saint Patrick – Call to Helias

In a Saint Patrick's Day Sunday sermon, Elizabeth Clare Prophet read from Patrick's letter to Corotick, from “The Letters of the Holy Bishop Patrick,” in The Steadfast Man.*

Saint Patrick's Deliverance from Satan in the Splendor of the Sun

“And I expect that as I am reading these accounts of Patrick’s life you are planning and visualizing how you yourselves will so fulfill your fiery destiny in his footsteps.”

From Patrick’s Letter to Corotick

“On that very same night I lay a-sleeping, and powerfully Satan assailed me; which I shall remember as long as I am in this body.

He fell upon me like an enormous stone, and I was stricken nerveless in all my limbs.

Whence then did it come into my unscholarly spirit to call upon Helias?

At once I saw the sun rising into the dawn sky, and while I kept invoking ‘Helias, Helias,' with all my strength, lo, the Splendour of the Sun fell over me and instantly shook all the heaviness off from me.

I believe I was succoured by Christ my Lord and that his Spirit even then was calling out on my behalf. “

Elizabeth Clare Prophet concluded, “If anyone ever asks you why you pray to Helios, you may cite them the record of this Christian saint and his deliverance. By the direct knowledge of the Holy Spirit, he was given the name of the Sun and the name of the Son behind the Sun, and Helios delivered him.

Isn't it the great miracle of God that the doctrine of the Almighty One transcends the doctrines of men to deliver our souls?”

Who is Helios?

Helios and his twin flame, Vesta, have their etheric retreat in the Temple of the Sun situated in the spiritual sun behind our sun. You can visualize Helios and Vesta as radiant beings of light, flames of pink and gold, standing arms outstretched to receive us in the Temple of the Sun.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives the prayer to Helios and Vesta

*Saint Patrick, Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus, in Paul Gallico, The Steadfast Man: A Biography of St. Patrick (Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Company, 1958), pp. 220-25.

The above article is taken from the Pearls of Wisdom®, vol. 28 no. 15. April 14, 1985

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