Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 51 No. 22 - Elizabeth Clare Prophet - October 1, 2008

Darshan with the Messenger

The Guru-Chela Relationship

“Nothing Will Ever Allow Me to Stop Loving You”

Part 3

Let’s continue with this concept of the good and bad mother, father. When you come closer to me through the guru-chela relationship, you reach a point where your human mother or father blends with me and you do not necessarily distinguish between the two.

So if you’re hanging onto the human mother, you may put a sign across me that reads Human Mother. And whenever I deliver the chastening, you may project onto me subconsciously what you have experienced with your human mother and see the current experience through the history of hurtful experiences that you have had with your human mother and mother figures. Then you incorrectly reach the conclusion that I may be your bad mother.

Since I hold the office of Guru, which is a masculine office, this projection may also happen if you have had difficulty with your father. As you get closer to me, you may project the bad father image onto me. Because you cannot distinguish between me and your human father, you may fear me or fear what I might do to you. This is why the ascended masters have encouraged us to daily process the issues of our psychology, of our psyche.

Heal the Soul That Is Wounded, the Inner Child

This projecting of images is a very sad way to waste time. It’s a big time-waster. Let’s get beyond it. We have Saint Germain’s violet flame. We talk about the violet flame, but how much do we really know about the violet flame and what it can do except that when we call for it, it works. It can be as a substance as hard as crystal. It can be an ethereal substance. It can be of any substance that we might see in this physical universe or in universes beyond.

The violet flame is stupendous. It’s the great cosmic eraser. With the violet flame you can so liberate your parents and your ancestors that you may not have karma with them if you come back into embodiment.

We can work with and heal the soul that is wounded (the inner child) and the child’s relationship to each parent and then to all other authority figures—employers, teachers and those who are over you in whatever capacity of learning or on the job.

If we do not heal our personal psychology, we will be at odds with El Morya and Guru Ma.1 I don’t want that and I hope you don’t want that and I hope we’ll all make an effort together to heal our psychology.

Fear and Doubt Stand between You
and Your Mighty I AM Presence

El Morya is the first Guru we encounter when we join this organization. Some people think that it’s a matter of choice, but it really isn’t. This is his organization. It’s his ashram, his place, and you can’t go anywhere except to the heart of El Morya when you come here.

If we fear the father image, we may anticipate that El Morya will treat us just as the bad father treated us. It could be the indulgent father. It could be all kinds of things. When you look at El Morya’s portrait, what do you see? Do you see the love in his eyes or do you see the sternness? Do you see that twinkle? What you are able to see in El Morya depends on your psychology.

The same is true in your relationship to me because I bear the mantle of Guru. If you interpret your experience with the guru from the human level, you may miss the lesson and the blessing. If you contact the mantle and your response is fear, be quick to affirm that the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.2 Don’t personalize the fear in yourself and don’t personalize me as the cause of your fear. Fear and doubt are really the first points of separation from God, your mighty I AM Presence.

When your aura bumps into my mantle, the power of that mantle flushes out your fears and your doubts and they are as two figures standing before you, Mr. Fear and Mr. Doubt. (These are the challenges of the Piscean age and the two o’clock line: fear, doubt, human questioning, records of death.) If you hold onto Mr. Fear and Mr. Doubt, they will continue to stand between you and the guru and your mighty I AM Presence. Cast out that fear and doubt!

The Mantle Can Reinforce Your Tie
to Your Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence

If you have too much electronic belt substance,3 you can’t even reach your Holy Christ Self because your karma is a barrier. That is why you may feel dry and empty at times. You don’t know where to go. You don’t know what to do. You just feel dry and empty. Mark would say you have to prime the pump. Keep on pumping that well until the water comes back.

Let your love for the guru be perfected in God’s love for you. Start by going to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And call directly for the mantle of Mother of the Flame4 and the mantle of Guru.5 You can reach these mantles even when you cannot reach your Holy Christ Self. I am here and in this physical octave I have a tie to your heart.

God has given me a mantle so that I can reinforce your tie to your Holy Christ Self until you can sustain that contact. I can also reinforce your tie to your I AM Presence. Until you balance a certain amount of your karma, the way you maintain contact with the Holy Christ Self and the I AM Presence is to call for that tie to be reinforced by the momentum of my lifestream and your call to the ascended masters. The ascended masters will assist you, but the reason they have given me the mantle is because the mantle needs to be on someone in physical embodiment who is able to reach out and touch other people in physical embodiment.

The Lowly Estate of the Flesh

I don’t think I’m the perfect guru or the perfect person. But I am very grateful that I passed enough tests so that God made me worthy to bear this mantle for you, to use it in your defense. And I am your defender.

We cannot be perfected as human beings. So why find fault with one another when we are imperfect? We are imperfect every day of our lives. We are in the lowly estate of the flesh. This is as low as you can get before you are an animal. This is where we are, but we don’t have to stay here. We do not have to stay at this rung of the ladder.

Think about this for a moment. Think of how you have criticized yourself, how you have criticized others, and how ridiculous it is to criticize imperfection when human beings cannot be perfect in the flesh. We can be perfected in our soul. We are perfect in our Spirit. We are perfect in our I AM Presence. And when we walk with Jesus in the Holy Christ Self, we are in that moment of perfection. But until we receive our immortality, we are mortal and we are heirs of this flesh.

So you can easily say about Mother that she’s imperfect and you will be telling the truth. That’s the bottom line. I hope that we don’t have to think about one another as being imperfect because it’s time consuming and we already know it. We already know that we’re imperfect. How many times do we have to hear about it? So let us not burden one another with our thoughts that are not high and Christly. Let us do that for Morya. It pains me to see him have to take on our burdens.

How to Capture the Opportunity for Chelaship

When the chela feels the burning action of the sacred fire from the guru, he may run both from the sacred fire and the opportunity to internalize it. In his pride or fear he may reject the chastening. He may be blinded by his returning karma or untransmuted momentums of the past.

Chelas at times screen the guru’s instruction through the lens of the human consciousness. Unconsciously, people relate their interaction with the guru to their human experiences in this life as well as to momentums of the past. No greater mistake can they make than to enter into this judgment, whether against their I AM Presence, the ascended masters, their guru or the friend that is sitting next to them. Chelas need to experience a paradigm shift if they are to pass their initiations and make it all the way home to God.

By Enduring Hardships, Milarepa Balanced
the Karma of His Misdeeds

We can learn a great deal from Milarepa, who experienced a major paradigm shift under his guru, Marpa. As El Morya says in The Chela and the Path:

The great yogi Milarepa endured many hardships on the path, including the unlearning of the false teachings of the dark ones who imparted to him a knowledge of the manipulation of energy. Thus he had to overcome the practice of black magic and to balance the karma of his misdeeds whereby he had wreaked vengeance upon his neighbors who had deprived him of his patrimony, first causing the death of many and then a hailstorm which destroyed their fields of barley ripe for the harvest. When he finally earned the right to be the chela of a true master, his pride had been broken and in humility he walked the way of attainment.6

To facilitate this process, Marpa made Milarepa tear down the house he was building and start it all over again many times. But what we want to remember is the tremendous love that Milarepa’s guru had for him. Marpa loved Milarepa too much to allow him to get off easy and miss his victory. That’s how I feel about every one of you.

I recommend that you read and digest the book Tibet’s Great Yogi Milarepa, edited by Evans-Wentz.7 It is one of the most important books I’ve read on chelaship. Its teaching will help you avoid many pitfalls of karma that you might otherwise innocently fall into.

The Guru’s Exact Words Are a Riddle to Be Solved

So what do you need to do if, upon receiving the chastening fire, you feel hurt or unfairly treated? First, if you can, remember the exact words spoken by the guru in delivering the rebuke. Think of them as a mantra or a koan to be solved.

A koan is a riddle that can be solved only by intuition or by a flash of inspiration, which comes from the moment when you merge with your guru, or let’s say an ascended master or an angel. And out of that moment of oneness, even if it is very brief, there comes this flash of inspiration and you understand suddenly the chastening. You understand why this and that happened to you. “Oh, this is why El Morya did this for me all this time. Oh, that is why I had to go do that. Look what I found out that I did in a past life that I now have to overcome.” And you don’t get angry with God because you no longer believe that God did something to you that you don’t like.

So we need the riddles. We need to have to break things apart, disentangle puzzles. It takes time to get it. And all of a sudden through the cracks comes this flash of inspiration and then we get it. These flashes of inspiration are your links to your I AM Presence.

The Chastening Comes When You Are
Out of Alignment with Your Real Self

When does the chastening come? Ask yourself what your vibration was at the moment you received correction. In other words, were you centered? Were you ready to receive correction, come what may? Or were you off-center for one reason or another—perhaps your diet, your emotions, your fatigue levels, all kinds of other things going on? Look at your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and reactions that led up to the chastening.

The chastening comes when you have indulged yourself one time too many. That’s when it happens. And all of a sudden, down comes the wrath* of El Morya, down comes the energy.

So we never know when we will receive a monumental chastening, a major chastening or a chastening that says, “Watch out, you’re on thin ice. Get back to center. Make some calls. Remember who you are, remember who you’re not. And know that Christ lives in you.”

How were you out of alignment with your Real Self when you were chastened? We have to give answer to this question. The ascended masters don’t have to answer; we have to answer. We’re answerable before God for how we react to the chastening.

And if we don’t react to it well, what happens is that we may get bitter against God. We may feel omnipotent. We may let our anger remain over days and extended periods of time. Yet God has told us not to let the sun go down upon our wrath,8 not to go to sleep if we have an argument, something that is against our neighbor.

All of this is our role. It’s God’s role and his emissary to say, “Halt. You’re going too far. You’ve taken the wrong road. Get back on the highway because if you don’t you are going to make big karma.”

Derive Benefit from All Your Resources

Most of us know what our weak points are, but not all of us know what we can do to strengthen those weak points and balance our threefold flame. It’s up to us to derive benefit from all the resources we have—spiritual, material, astrology, psychology, and so forth—to bring all these together so that we can heal ourselves and make ourselves whole.

Ask yourself another question: How were you out of alignment with your Guru El Morya above (and I say “above” because the Guru El Morya is one with your mighty I AM Presence) and your Guru Ma below?

Review what you know about your own psychology in this life. We all know something about it; we probably all should know more about it. Ask yourself, “When have I been in a similar circumstance or felt the way I am feeling now?” If you’ve done the same thing again and again, had the same types of encounters again and again, look at yourself. Keep looking at yourself. Don’t look anywhere else.

Resolve the Momentums of Your Astrology

I’ll tell you another way you can find out when those moments of chastening are likely to come. El Morya encourages us to study astrology, at least fundamentally if we’re not astrologers. This is so that we aren’t walking around blindfolded in the world. We lose time when we don’t know what’s going on in the heavens.

Ponder what momentums you have been trying to resolve that may be close to the surface and up for transmutation. As you go around the clock of your astrology for your birth year and the current year, you will come to a point where your astrology will tell you that there’s something that’s been around, maybe for thousands of years, and this is the moment of the conjunction of planets when this substance may be close to the surface and right now, today, it may be up for transmutation.

If you know the astrology of your cycles, you can really make much more rapid advance. It’s very important. You may miss the boat if you don’t understand astrology.

You know what we’re doing? We’re plugging up the holes. It’s like plugging up the holes all over a ship so it won’t sink. If you leave the holes open, the ship is going to go down and you won’t have your victory.

So, what is your astrology for today? What has your astrology been for the last six months? What will it be for the next year and a half? You need to know.

You Can’t Get Anywhere Being Idolatrous

Here’s another tip: See and accept the sacred fire from El Morya and from me as a return of your personal karma, often mitigated by your own momentum of service or the intercession of the Great Law. In other words, God has shone his light upon you and has said to you in his heart, “This is my beloved son. I want to be well pleased with this son, so let him demonstrate to me that he can have this victory.”

People who don’t want to hear about the guru and don’t want to hear about the chastening may be idolatrous—idolatrous of themselves and therefore idolatrous of me. You can’t get anywhere being idolatrous at all.

Sometimes we can’t see it, you know, like we can’t see our backs. But anyone who has a sense of being idolatrous, please look at it. You don’t have to talk to anyone about it, but if you see it, go after it. It’s like a shadow, which skips around as the sun changes in the heavens: you’re not always seeing the same side of yourself. Take it as an opportunity for soul-searching as well as transmutation and transformation.

What Is the Lesson?

We return to the question, What is the lesson here? Self-observe and ask yourself: Where is all this coming from within me? What is God trying to help me surrender? What has God been trying to tell me lifetime after lifetime after lifetime?

Most of us have one or two things that we have had for so many, many, many lifetimes. It’s probably the biggest blind spot we have and the heaviest karma. I would wager that 90 percent of us here have something we’ve carried way too long. And if we really will look at it and dig it out, we’ll find it. If we decide to tackle it, we can see ourselves really grow in leaps and bounds. So let’s keep reviewing all of these points until we achieve understanding and the paradigm shift that reflects the lessons learned.

To sum it all up, the best antidote to the chela’s resistance to the chastening of the guru is to embrace the path of the ruby ray. That path is personal sacrifice, personal surrender, personal selflessness and personal service. This means we give personally to others, not just impersonally.

*i.e., the pure white fire of God that refuses to tolerate human error, that descends as a chastening and a stripping action

Continued in Part 4, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 51, no. 23.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

Elizabeth Clare Prophet delivered this teaching during the Thursday, February 20, 1997 Darshan with the Messenger at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana. Parts 2, 3 and 4 are published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 51, nos. 21, 22 and 23.

1. The term “Guru Ma” means that the Teacher (Guru) is devoted to the Divine Mother (Ma) of us all and to the teaching of her sons who, throughout the ages, East and West, have exemplified the soul’s integration with God through the universal light, manifest as the incarnate Word. Through the messenger’s devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to the feminine principle in every soul, she was given the mantle of bearing the Mother flame. Concerning the path of the Mother, Lanello has explained that “when you say Ma, it is the acknowledgment that in the one Guru Mother [God as Mother, the Omega light of cosmos] the entire chain of Gurus is manifest. Whether Mother or Maitreya, it is the Ma of a cosmos that rings. . . . That sounding of the name is the sounding of the cry for help. And all of the four cosmic forces who bow before her throne of grace will respond upon the call of the chelas near and far” (Lanello, April 8, 1979). Sanat Kumara said in his November 4, 1979 Pearl of Wisdom, “The name Guru Ma is the title of an office and of the mantle worn by the person or persons who hold the Mother flame in the earth. It is a garment that has been worn before and one that will be worn again by the ever-present lineage of the ruby ray whose Mother flame I ensoul in the messenger and in the continuity of the messengership which ever has been and ever shall be the contact of hierarchy with the LORD’S embodied hosts.”

2. Ps. 111:10; Prov. 9:10.

3. Electronic belt. The momentums of an individual’s untransmuted karma orbit around the lower portion of his physical body to form what looks like an electronic belt of misqualified energy. Diagrammed at the point of the solar plexus and extending downward below the feet in a negative spiral, this misqualified energy forms a dense forcefield shaped like a kettledrum. Referred to as the realm of the subconscious and the unconscious, the electronic belt contains the records of unredeemed karma from all embodiments.

4. The mantle of Mother of the Flame. Within the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity, Elizabeth Clare Prophet bears the mantle of the office of Mother of the Flame. She has explained: “This office is held by someone who is dedicated to the World Mother and who pledges to serve the sons and daughters of the flame wherever they are throughout the world.” The messenger works at inner and outer levels with her chelas. For our spiritual and practical needs, she asks us to use the dispensation of beloved K-17 and Lanello of June 29, 1996: “Your recourse, then, is to the causal body of the Mother of the Flame who stands before you, who is in embodiment. When you have recourse to one such as this messenger, then you must take advantage of it. Just call to the messenger to reinforce you, to protect you.... Call to the causal body of the messenger.... Take advantage of the use of the messenger’s causal body while she is in embodiment, beloved. For it is a powerful, living, pulsating presence. It is also... very important that you make a call to the I AM Presence of the messenger when you are in distress and bowed down. She will make that call at inner levels or at outer levels, but the call will be made. For this is the vow that the Mother of the Flame has made to you, beloved: that she will always make calls for those of you who call to her, whether silently in the night or directly in person. It is not necessary for you to write a letter to the messenger. It is not necessary for you even to communicate with her, for she does all of this in her Higher Self” (Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 46, no. 5, pp. 41-42). On February 27, 1997, the messenger said, “Call upon the mantle of Guru to solve your problems.” And on March 26, 1997, she said: “It’s not necessarily the physical contact with the chela, though I would dearly love to figure out how that physical contact could take place. But it is the contact with the Inner Christ that you feel from my Inner Christ, my I AM Presence or my mantle, so that all you have to do is think of me and you have my mantle.”

5. The mantle of Guru. See Pearl no. 20, this volume, pp. 146; 149 n. 5.

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8. Eph. 4:26.

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