Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 19 No. 48 - Beloved Jesus the Christ - November 28, 1976

Jesus’ 1975 Thanksgiving Day Address:
Thanksgiving, an Affirmation of Being

Part I

Out of the light of your heart I AM come! This is not merely an expression of the law. This is truth, for I have nestled in the flame of your own Christ-po­tential this day.

I have taken the opportunity to be received in the hearts of those who welcome me, to enter the inn of being and to make my flame one with your flame, one with the flames of all who acknowledge the Christ in Jesus, in Moses, in Confucius, in Mohammed, in Buddha, in Mary, in all who have ever become the Christ. And therefore, I have become the hidden man of the heart1 for many sons and daughters of God throughout the planetary body this day, many of whom know me not as Jesus but know me as Maitreya or as the One, the only begotten Christ, Son of God.

And so I come forth from the light of your heart. In truth I come forth; and as I come forth, there is the expansion of your heart, my heart, and our oneness, which is the heart of God. Let us be a trinity this day!  Let us stand in the temples and in the churches, on the highways and in the homes, in the schools and wherever there are children!

Let us consecrate the life of the heart as the nucleus of life in Matter!  Let us consecrate the heart as the place where Spirit flows as the fountain of life. Let us be the instruments to endow the chalice of being and of life on earth with the flame; for without the flame, there is no purpose to the chalice.

Of what use is an empty chalice?  It is like the vacuum, and the sides of the chalice collapse because there is no flame within to sustain the blueprint of Matter. Do you not understand, then, that all of life here below is yours to endow?  It must be reendowed daily. It must be reinfused with that flame, for the flame seeks the Source and rises to the heart of God each twenty-four hours. And the electrons which comprise the body of Matter desire to be in a state of flow; and their flow is to the central sun, and out again, and in again.

This is the fusion of life with life; and therefore you see that once you have mastered the balance of the threefold flame, once you are pursuing that mastery on the path of the Christ and the Buddha, you must look to the ritual of the sacred fire in the other rays of the seven. The white fire is for endowing the cube with purity. The green fire is for endowing Mater with the abundance of the flame, and the purple and gold for infusing life with the ministry of love. The ritual of the seventh-ray fires of freedom is to reenact the endowment of all the rays day by day, day by day.

Think, then, of all the things which you repeat each day—not as monotony or rote, but as the ritual of the sacred fire—the cleansing and the feeding of the body, the tending to the precious plants and to your children and to the elementals, opening of windows to let in fresh air, the flow of water, the use of fire, the cleaning of your homes, the going to and fro along the calling of your life. So many aspects of living are daily ritual because in each twenty-four-hour cycle, you must reinfuse life with life. You are instruments of the flow of God. You are initiators of cosmic consciousness on earth, as Maitreya has declared.

Therefore, let this Thanksgiving Day be your opportunity to consider the aspects of life which you may have neglected. And let your neglect be replaced with gratitude as the flow of the heart!  As you release such joy in gratitude and joy of abundance, it is the flow of the nucleus of life which is magnetized. Therefore, be joyous, not solemn!  Be enthusiastic, not bored!  Be filled with truth—and lively truth that lives as an emerald fire burning and crackling in your all-seeing eye!  Be this truth!  Be not the calcification of error!  Watch out for the error of habit and that habit which becomes rote—rote that replaces the ritual of the sacred fire each day!

Have mercy!  Have compassion upon those parts of life
Who live not in the ritual of the flame,
But in the rote of mediocrity for selfish gain.
Have mercy upon them;
They know not what they do!2
Teach them!  They are in ignorance of the law
Of the many and the few.
They stand then, waiting to be filled,
But know not that that filling must be God-willed
As an exercise in free will,
As the coming of the Christed ones
With the pitcher from the well of life,
Pouring the energy of sacred fire, of Mother flow,
Into the Matter body here below.

Think, then, of others—
Others in the ways of the world,
Others in the way of freedom,
Others seeking to find that way to be free.
Have mercy on them!
Have compassion for them—
And tolerance and understanding!
For it was not so long ago
That you yourselves
Were the waifs of chastened ignorance,
That you were the ones
Not cleaned by the Mother,
Soiled in your garments
And spotted with the dust and the dirt of life.
Have compassion for them!
For I say to you,
They know not what they do;
They know not what they do.
Invoke life!  Infuse them with the life!

You now are the few who must become the many through the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes of your consciousness.3 And therefore there is required an integrator, an initiator, a multiplier. I AM he!  I AM the same, the Christed One, the Son of God!  I do not fear to proclaim it!  I do not fear to declare it!  I must declare I AM the Son of God!  Or who else will declare it for me?  I ask you. Therefore, if it is necessary for me to proclaim my role, I say you must proclaim your role!  Your thanksgiving must be an affirmation of your being!

Praise God for what you are!  Do not be unworthy to be that God star!  Proclaim it, I say, this day!  Proclaim it aloud and in your hearts!  Give forth the joyous shout “I AM a son of God!  I AM a daughter of God!  I AM the Father and the Mother!  I AM the Holy Spirit!  I AM the Christed One!”  Do not be ashamed; and above all, do not fear the ridicule of the world when you tell the world, “I AM the Mother.”

Understand, precious hearts, that the fear of ridicule is the ultimate cowardice. We must not have that cowardice in the sons and daughters of God. You must have the courage to proclaim what you are, who you are, and where you are. Where you are is most important. To declare “I AM a Son of God” is not enough. You must say:  “I AM a son of God fulfilling my ray in time and space, in this point of contact which by God’s grace I make now with the sacred fire of Holy Spirit, which I declare to all the world. To all who will hear it, I declare:  I AM God in manifestation here—here and now, for all eternity!  This is my word!  This is my fiat, my decree, and my vow!”

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 19 no. 49.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Jesus the Christ was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Thursday, November 27, 1975 at the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

1. 1 Pet. 3:4.

2. Luke 23:34.

3. Matt. 14:15-21.

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