Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 19 No. 49 - Beloved Jesus the Christ - December 5, 1976

Jesus’ 1975 Thanksgiving Day Address:
Thanksgiving, an Affirmation of Being

Part II

Precious ones, because it is not popular—it is not the mode to make the declaration of being—many have failed to do so, especially in the churches of the world. And then we look at the chelas on the Path and we see that they, too, are reticent to make that declaration of independence of being. Therefore, my Thanksgiving prophecy to you is this: That you will be called upon in coming months and in the year 1976 to bear witness to the truth of being, to bear witness to the Christ, to declare the reality of God as Father and Mother and Spirit and Christ where you are.

Therefore, when they say to you, “Do you know him, Christ the Lord?” Say: “Yes, I know him! He is my Lord! He lives within my heart! I AM he! We are one because he lives in me. I AM also the Christed One, the Son!” Let them stand aghast! Let them fall back by the release of light!1 Let them feel the blast of the Holy Spirit! It is time that mankind felt the winds of the Holy Spirit, the movement of the Lord, the proclaiming of that Word. It is time, I say, and it is space; and in the holy place of the Most High God, your own temple, be that flame!

I remind you, then, of my words to Peter. I foresaw that he would betray the Christ, that he would deny the Christ three times.2 So remember, hearts of the one fire, remember that the warning is given. But when the testing and the temptation comes, the memory has no recall of the warning of the Christ who stood in the way to give you the word of the Lord. Therefore Peter forgot. He forgot that I had told him, “Satan would have you; he would sift you as wheat.”3 He forgot and therefore he failed the test.

Now I remind you that in the hour of the testing, the fallen ones come. They come to obliterate the word of Christ, the teachings of the Mother, the memory of the flow of initiation and of the initiatic light of Maitreya and of Buddha. They come with their blanket of sensuality and desire, of their death consciousness, and they block the vision so that all that you are aware of is self-preservation and the exigencies of the moment to preserve the standing and the life of the human ego. And then when the deed is done, then when the betrayal is made and you have denied Mary the Mother and your Lord and your I AM Presence, then the dark ones flee. They have their laughter and their glee; they have their moment of victory, you see. For they have that energy that you have given by your forgetfulness.

Therefore I say, be not forgetful to entertain those strangers who are the ascended masters.4 Be not ashamed to have their pictures and their statues and their focuses in your home. Do not remove them to please the fallen ones who come. They come, then, to examine your life-style. It is none of their business! Let them come if they will!

But you will stand; and standing still, you will not forget that you are entertaining the strangers. And you will see that the strangers are the angels, the masters, the Elohim, the Cosmic Christ; and they will swallow up the darkness of the fallen ones and their opinions. What matter the opinions of the fallen ones? Let them have them! They will die in their opinions and you will live by your conviction of the flame of living truth! Therefore live and be life, I say!

I AM Jesus—as real, as close in the light of your freedom as I was long ago in Galilee and before Abraham and before the worlds were formed. So you, too, were in Christ, souls sealed in the light of that cosmic morn of Alpha and Omega giving birth to consciousness and life, to opportunity to souls in free will.

You were with me when the morning stars sang together.5 You can arc across the skies! You can remember your origin in that eye of God! You need not then be confined to a certain century or modes or fashions of consciousness. Be free, I say, from all of this confinement of your soul and your light this day! I come to set the captives free! I come in the name of Liberty! I come with my Thanksgiving proclamation!

I give thanks before the altar of Almighty God this day for your souls yearning to be free, for your self-discipline, for your willingness to stand in the way of life. I give thanks for all who serve the cause of freedom. I give thanks for ascended masters and unascended devotees. I give thanks to those who worship the Christ, to those who give the Hail Mary and those who love the light of Buddha. I AM grateful that light is enshrined. I AM grateful that you have come to hear the Word, to take the Word, to run with the Word, and to be all life to all life evolving on Terra.

I come then with that promise of initiation. I come with the prophecy of victory. Take to heart, to mind, and to soul the teachings of Maitreya preparing you for the goal of life. Take to heart, to mind, to soul the prophecy of your witnessing unto the Word and unto life. Be not turned out of the way, of the Path, by your feelings of guilt, unworthiness, or the bribery of the fallen ones who promise salvation without any ovation from yourself. You must make the grand ovation unto God! You must make the fiery invocation! You must forge and win your God-identity, your victory in Christ on the cross and in the fiery discipline of that Alpha-to-Omega energy!

So then, the bribery and the blackmail of the fallen ones is always there to usurp the light of the chosen ones. But because they have chosen to be God, they will not be tempted by the spoilers and their deceptions and their lies. They will protect and guard the supply of the Mother, the fulfillment of the Word, and the spreading abroad of the teaching.

I return to the light of your heart, whence I came. I enter now the Sun behind the sun of your own heart flame. I, Jesus, will to remain within your heart as long as you will to be in the flame of harmony. I will to multiply your Christ consciousness. I will to multiply the action of the six-pointed star and the I AM THAT I AM. I will to multiply the initiations of the three wise men: the studies of Kuthumi on the aura, the studies of Djwal Kul on the chakras in the aura, the studies of Morya for chelas on the Path.

I enter hearts afire, hearts who will have me by their God-desire to be God. I enter for the balancing of the threefold flame. I enter to live on earth again! I would participate in your initiations—in your transfiguration, in your crucifixion through the fourteen stations of the cross. I would be there where life meets life, where life consecrates life, where Father meets Mother for the birth of the Divine Manchild.

I would be in you your Jesus and your Christ, your Maitreya and your Buddha. I would be if you would have me. I speak to the souls of all mankind who know me as the Saviour. I am speaking to you! I would be born again on earth this Christ Mass. Therefore, receive me as the infant child! Receive me as the little one! Receive me as the master, as the integrator of the flow. Receive me of the God, the God who is the fulfillment of that cosmic flow.

I come! I come to all who pray. I enter the hearts of all who pray this day; for you see, I must be born again.6 This is the law of life: You must be born again. You must have the regeneration of the fires of victory. I would fulfill in you the integration of the spirals of life. I would mediate cosmic consciousness. I would be the priest, the priestess at the altar. I would receive with you in fire the turgid and the dark energies of your impurities. I would make them light!

I would be the decree, the decreer, and the Word! I would be the fire that descends from Almighty God! I would be the transmutation in you! I would be the sublimation of all energy unto purity! I would be your infusing of life with purity this day!

I would be all that God is! And my promise, my prophecy to you, is this: You can be all that I AM in you! You can be all that God is in you! You can be all that I AM, all that I AM throughout eternity. We are one in the heart of life forevermore!

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Jesus the Christ was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Thursday, November 27, 1975 at the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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