Padma Sambhava – The Golden Mantra

Padma Sambhava – The Golden Mantra

Padma Sambhava’s mantra is Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum.

Padmasambhava (Sanskrit पद्मसम्भव; Tibetan: པདྨ་འབྱུང་གནས; Wylie: padma ‘byung gnas; Mongolian ловон Бадмажунай, lovon Badmajunai, Chinese: 蓮華生 (pinyin: Liánhuāshēng), is also known as the Lotus Born.

According to the Tibetan “treasure teachings,” Padma Sambhava was born from a multicolored lotus flower that appeared on an island in Lake Danakosha through the blessings of the Buddhas.

Also known as the Golden Mantra, or Vajra Guru Mantra, Padma Sambhava’s mantra is simply translated as Vajra Guru, who arose from a lotus (Padma Sambhava), please grant me the ordinary and supreme accomplishments, HUM! (A Vajra Guru is a being who has fully mastered the path of Vajrayana, a school of Buddhism prevalent in Tibet.)

Ascended Master Teachings on Padma Sambhava’s Mantra

Gautama Buddha adjured the students to give this mantra daily. He said, “You must rise to the level of the mantra, for there you will find all of the other devotees and disciples reciting the mantra. And when you are at the level of the mantra, beloved ones, then, then you will strengthen the antahkarana of your Ashram rituals. Then you will see how strong you are as a Body of God, one contacting the other by the sounding of the great mantras. Therefore, let the mantras recited by the Messenger with others …be heard! …Let the mantra overtake you, I say, for the mantra is God. You are God! Therefore, let you, God and the mantra come together every day of your life!”

This mantra “is your key at this level of service for the entering in to the hearts of all those Buddhas and Bodhisattvas whose lineage goes back to the Great Central Sun, back to the heart of the Godhead,” said the ascended master Durga.

El Morya asked students to seek bonding to the heart of Jesus and recommended beginning “by letting their hearts sing the Golden Mantra as they go about their tasks—taking care to listen as the mantra echoes back to them from the secret chamber of the heart.”

Interesting Conversation between Padma Sambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal

Padma Sambhava,1924 Roerich - closeupThis is a very profound story on the use of this ancient mantra comes from “The Syllable by Syllable Commentary,” by Padma Sambhava, rediscovered by Karma Lingpa in the 14th century. It relates a discussion between Padma Sambhava and his chief disciple, Yeshe Tsogyal, a Tibetan princess, whose name means “Victorious Ocean of Wisdom.” Yeshe Tsogyal was an embodiment of Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Yeshe Tsogyal addressed Padma Sambhava:

“In the future, sentient beings will have very short attention spans and a great many things will clutter and occupy their minds. Their characters will be rough and difficult to tame. They will develop many wrong views towards the sacred Dharma. In particular, a time will come when people will cast dispersions on the Secret Mantra teaching of the unsurpassable levels of tantra.

“At that time, all sentient beings will suffer heavily from disease, famine, and war. Because of the spread of these three calamities, in particular, China, Tibet and Mongolia will experience the same kind of turmoil as an ant's nest when it is destroyed, and the time will come for the people of Tibet to suffer greatly.

“Though you have spoken at length of many skillful means to salvage what is possible from that situation, sentient beings in the future will not have the time to practice. Even though they may have some slight inclination to practice, they will encounter many great obstacles.

“Sentient beings will experience a great deal of disharmony. They won't be able to get along or reach any kind of accord, and in the wake of this, their behavior will become very impure. Bad times such as this will be very difficult to avert.

“That being the case, what kinds of benefits and advantages would there be for those beings in the future [if they used] the Vajra Guru Mantra? I ask you to relate this for the benefit of individuals in the future who are not able to perceive this and therefore have to have it explained to them.”

Padma Sambhava replied to Yeshe Tsogyal:
“Oh faithful lady, what you have said is so very true. In the future, such times will befall sentient beings and both in a temporary and in a long term sense, the benefits of the Vajra Guru mantra can be definitely be felt. Since my spiritual instructions and the methods of practice that I offer are immeasurable, I have hidden a great number of treasure teachings in the water, rocks, the sky and so forth.

“In these evil times, even individuals with fortunate karma will find it difficult to encounter these teachings. It will be difficult to bring together the necessary circumstances for these teachings to be revealed. This is a sign that the collective merit of beings is on the wane.

“However, at such times, if this essence mantra, the Vajra Guru mantra, is repeated as much as possible, a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times, a hundred thousand times, a million, ten million, a hundred million times and so forth, if it is repeated in holy places, in temples, next to great rivers, in areas where gods and demons abound, if it is recited in these places by tantric practitioners with pure samaya, by people with monastic ordination who maintain their vows purely, by men and women who possess faith in the teachings, if they give rise to bodhicitta on a grand scale and recite this mantra, then the benefits and advantages and energy of such practice are truly inconceivable.

“This will avert all of the negative forces of disease, famine, unrest, bad harvests and all bad omens and indications in all the countries of the world, such that the rain will fall in a timely manner for the crops so there will always be a plentiful supply of water for agriculture and for human and animal life, and all regions and areas will experience prosperity and auspicious conditions.

“In this life, in future lives, and in the intermediate state between death and rebirth, these individuals who practice in this way will meet with me again and again. The very best of these individuals will actually meet me in their waking consciousness.

“Those of middling degree of attainment will meet with me again and again in their dreams. Gradually perfecting the different paths and levels of their practice, they will attain to the ranks of the masculine and feminine holders of intrinsic awareness in my pure land in the continent of Ngayab. Have no doubt of this….

“In the most excellent cases, individuals will attain the rainbow body, and the final level of attainment in this lifetime. On a more middling level, at the moment of death, the mother and child aspects of radiant luminosity will meet. At the very least, individuals will behold my face in the bardo state and all the appearances of the bardo state will be free in their own ground such that these individuals will be reborn on the continent of Ngayab and from that vantage point, be able to accomplish an immeasurable amount of benefit to beings.”

This article contains Teachings of the Ascended Masters® including lectures and dictations through the messengers Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, including Gautama Buddha, vol 35 no 41, Durga, vol 35 no 5 and El Morya, vol 37 no 1.

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