The Lord’s Appearing Where I AM

The Lord’s Appearing Where I AM

The Relevancy of Your Own Christhood in This Age

The following is an excerpt from a dictation by Mother Mary on December 14, 1982, prior to The Class of the Archangels

My beloved, let Bethlehem and the Nativity now be enshrined in your heart. If you desire a replica of this Nativity1–brought forth upon this altar by your own gracious love offerings at the request of Saint Germain – should also now be erected within your own heart at your own altar, you need only give the sign of assent to my angels who come to establish a sacred miniature light, a focus and forcefield of these personages of the Godhead–seven in attendance at the birth of the Saviour, representatives of three worlds and of the fourth.

Thus the Saviour comes for the integration of the worlds above and below. And those who attend his blessing are those who will follow the path of the seven rays to their own Christhood.

How sacred, most sacred is the coming now of the holy angels, who in their ministration so hallow thy heart and thy heart’s chalice. The salutation of these angels from your own heart to their own is also most necessary. Therefore let us say:

Hail, angels of the Christ Mass!

Hail, angels of the Christ Mass!

Thus they come. Thus they salute the Word. Thus they adore the Christ within you.

Beloved hearts, it is relevance as well as reverence that we must dwell upon: the relevancy of your own Christhood in this age, your Self-esteem, esteeming the Light of God within your own temple. This is the great gift that you bring to friends and family wherever you go in this hour–the Self-esteem.

Lo, the Word cometh!
Lo, the Word is where I AM!
O God, make me worthy.
I AM worthy.
Make me worthy.
I AM worthy.

Thus the Omega light enfolds a planet. And Omega’s angels attend this rebirth of Christ the King.

Nativity scene at the altar at Camelot

Let the shining of your star, beloved hearts, produce an equivalency of relevancy in the hearts of those who are near you who feel the auric emanation of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and of the holy angels and the saints robed in white who also gathered at the birth of Lord Jesus–who gather at thine own birth.

Let there be a transmittal of holy freedom! Let the proclamation of your own lips be heard throughout the land:

This is the day for the appearing of the Lord where I AM!

I will shine forth as the sun.

For my own mighty I AM Presence is come down unto me

To keep the vigil of the Christ Mass.

Not your errors, beloved ones, but your victories, not your diseases but your healings, not the records of death but Life raised up will renew in you the course of your own native path of holy innocence.

Trusted ones of the light, we have entrusted the teachings of the Brotherhood not to mortal man but to the Son of man in you all! Ours is a sacred trust; and through it and by your love our Brotherhood makes its thrust into the new year.

And where shall the star of your own Christhood appear? Shall it be over this or that manifestation of injustice–flaming sun center correcting, coercing life to obey its inner blueprint? Shall the star come to rest over the place in Washington, D.C., where God-government is intended to be? Shall it come to rest over areas of famine and plague and torment and strife and war? Shall it come to rest over the place of holiday celebrations caught up in outer manifestation as well as in the inner ritual of the heart that also comes to those who commune wherever they are–in the silent night of nirvana, in the appearing of the Light come down out of nirvana once again to be the inhabiter of the earth?

♦ ♦ ♦

Let this hour then be for the intense vigil within the white fire core of the heart of the Nativity, of my own heart where I welcome you, and of the messenger’s heart where you are bidden to enter to commune also with the Guru Padma Sambhava. Let the fruit of this season of the Christ Mass be your own integration in the five secret rays and their initiations. For you will see with the coming of the archangels such an intensity of light, such high-flying spirals of acceleration from the Central Sun, that you will want to leap and catch the fiery rings in the very air as they swing you closer to the star of your own mighty I AM Presence and the Central Sun of being.

Truly, the Class of the Archangels is long awaited! And I AM their spokesman even as I ensconce the Mother flame, as above and below. We have pondered together just when there would be, then, a firm enough foundation abuilded in the earth for us to release this great light.

Thus the hour is come. And all is set. And we look forward to your journeying to this Egypt, this forcefield of the Mother, during that period of celebration of the white light of the new year.

Excerpt from a dictation by Mother Mary published in the Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 24 No. 1 – January 4, 1981

1. Nativity scene on the altar at Camelot. Thanks to the generous love offerings of Keepers of the Flame, this Nativity was secured in response to the dispensation of Saint Germain:

“In searching for that manger, even the ark of safety where the Nativity should be immaculately guarded, we have selected this very altar of the Holy Grail for the display of the Nativity that shall become a cosmic focus of the birth of Christ to this planetary body….We are therefore beholding now the etheric lowering into manifestation of this Nativity, and the etheric blueprint is set, and now you can feel the light emanations of the hearts of the participants beginning to radiate from this very forcefield….Through this focus, beloved hearts, we will establish anew a momentum of the Holy Family, the opportunity of sons and daughters to bring forth the Christed ones–opportunity for that magnificent cooperation of angels, ascended masters and men, elemental life, without which there could not have been the Piscean dispensation. I encourage you to fast and pray that you might also have the vision of the Virgin and the Manchild, the very one whom I held in my arms and adored as the Saviour of the World. Thus by the duplication of the image and the replica of our life, worlds upon worlds can once again be established in this octave.” (Dictated November 22, 1980. See Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 23 No. 48, November 30, 1980, p. 333.)

This Nativity scene was placed on the altar precisely where Saint Germain stood when delivering the dictation. The hardwood figures are approximately 25” in height, hand-carved and hand-painted in Italy. This focus of the Nativity will remain on the altar until the right to life of every child of God is guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America–the right to live to realize the personal Christ potential. We encourage you to keep your own Nativity scene in a special place in your home or on your altar until this victory for the Lord is accomplished.

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