Marijuana. Is it really so bad?

Marijuana. Is it really so bad?

Teachings of the Ascended Masters on Marijuana

The Ascended Masters and their messengers have spoken profoundly of how marijuana adversely affects the youth and population of the world.

Since the 1960’s, they have warned of the problems that ensue when people become introduced or addicted to marijuana. This drug damages the nerve centers and violates the flow of light through the body temple.

Marijuana also causes resistance to one's own inner divine blueprint, as well as disorientation and damage to the brain including a loss of memory.

This seemingly harmless addiction can further lead to addictions to more harmful substances.

The role of entities in addiction

To explain how the drug works, it is necessary to understand the mechanics of addiction in spiritual terms. All negative habits and addictions have accompanying entities that attempt to invade the body and steal the life force. These entities include those of liquor, marijuana and other hallucinogenic drugs, tobacco, gambling and so forth.

Entities are like leeches. They tie into the nervous systems of those who are embodied (usually at the back of the neck and along the spinal column). This transfer takes place as the result of the merging of the astral body of the discarnate with the astral and physical bodies of the person through the sympathetic nervous system.

One reason that a substance is addictive is that these negative forces attach themselves to people, attempting to influence their thoughts and feelings, continually reinforcing the craving to indulge in these habits.

What are entities of addiction after? Your light!

There are many different kinds of discarnate entities, but they have one thing in common: they want your light. They have no connection to the Source of life and light, so they want to make you release the light of your chakras by tempting you to engage in behavior that misqualifies your energy. They fuel addictions, because this is the means by which they can access the light.

Of deepest concern to the ascended masters are the entities or forces of darkness called “marijuana entities” who as vampires take the light or lifeblood of our youth, the very essence or light that descends through the crystal cord.

These entities are able to do this because the moment that the chemical substance of marijuana reaches the brain and enters the physical body, it enables the entities to snatch the light through the openings created in the cells of the brain, in the nerve cells.

Those openings in the brain, as well as the clogging of the aura, perpetuate the growing, rolling momentum of entity possession which then increases to become a part of the marijuana conglomerate entity, which is one with the worldwide money beast.

Marijuana cuts off contact
to higher spiritual realities

Marijuana accumulates in the brain and is stored in the fatty tissue of the brain, which then produces blocks in the flow of the energy of the crown chakra resulting in sluggish thinking and passivity. Ultimately it prevents people from contacting the higher spiritual realities.

The problem of marijuana can be a difficult one to tackle precisely because of the effects of the drug itself which actually act through the consciousness of the individual under its influence. Elohim Cyclopea explained that marijuana “is considered innocuous when it is among the most deadly—transforming a consciousness of a people into lethargy and sloth and interfering with the flow of the sacred fire and interfering with the correct role of man and woman.”

The lie of marijuana

The ascended masters have spoken of the “lie” of marijuana itself, which continually proclaims its “harmlessness”—like the scorpion and the serpent and the wolves who hide behind the sheep, claiming their innocence with the bleating sheep whom they devour.

This consciousness has been likened to “sweet death” that causes the individual to imbibe the death drug (marijuana) in the name of Love, in the name of an experience, in the name of a sensation.

From the perspective of the angelic kingdom, the angels find it hard to believe or to conceive that an individual could accept drugs into their system in the name of reality or even in the name of pleasure.

The legalization of marijuana
is the legalization of death.

It is like legalizing abortion, euthanasia, all forms of genetic engineering, and suicide itself. It is the guarantee of the individual that he will be protected in the right to die.

Archangel Gabriel has taught about the consciousness of marijuana, which has saturated this nation and other nations. This consciousness, with or without the drug itself, influences mores, standards and attitudes, business practices. It is responsible for a mediocrity which sweeps over the land, bringing with it an absence of self-worth. Gabriel explains that the marijuana entity itself is the death entity.

In 1984, Elizabeth Clare Prophet delivered her “Expose on Cocaine, Marijuana, and Heroin.” The presentation included newsclips and documentaries on the dangers and effects of the “pleasure drugs,” aspirin and its association to Reye's syndrome, drug use among teenagers, and the international cocaine conspiracy.

Her expose included teachings, videoclips, and invocations focusing on marijuana—the violence among growers and the movement for legalization—heroin production in Pakistan, including reports on the Khyber and Bulgarian connections, and cocaine in the Hollywood film industry.

For the complete teachings of the ascended masters on marijuana see Climb the Highest Mountain series, Paths of Light and Darkness, chapter 1, “The Cult of Hedon,” section II, “The Drug Way Out.”

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