Lady Master Nada – The Path of Loving Service

Lady Master Nada – The Path of Loving Service

Mastery on the Path of the Divine Mother

Lady master Nada, Chohan of the Sixth Ray assists Saint Germain in his “great gathering of the elect” who will serve with him in the cause of world freedom.

She teaches Jesus' path of personal Christhood through ministration and service to life.

A Mother's Defense of Her Children

In other embodiments, lady master Nada took up the avocation of law. She became an expert in the defense of souls oppressed by the spoilers in the earth. During her meditations upon the Law of God and in the course of her ministrations in the temple, she perceived the Law “as the certain defense which the Mother must use to protect her children from the wiles of this world, from the fallen ones who seek also to use the Law to their unjust purposes.”

Devotee of Archangel Charity

In her final incarnation 2,700 years ago, Nada was the youngest of a large family of exceptionally gifted children.

The beloved angel Charity appeared to her at a very early age. Charity taught her how to draw God's love from the flame in her heart and to radiate it into the Nature kingdom for the blessing of life.

The Archeia of the Third Ray also taught Nada to expand her threefold flame for the quickening of the chakras of her brothers and sisters, that by a heightened inner awareness they might bless the people and uplift the culture of the Divine Mother on earth through the arts.

Nada's Final Incarnation – Her Story

Lady master Nada told her story in a dictation given August 28, 1982*:

“As I was embodied in a large family of many brothers and sisters of great talent, I saw how each one in pursuing his career needed love and ministration and the keeping of the flame of the sacred fire in order to be successful.

“And thus, although the choice was given to me to pursue my own career, unbeknownst to my brothers and sisters I quietly kept the flame in deep meditation and prayer as well as outer helpfulness, in [by way of] contacting the great spheres [causal body] of their divine plan, and in accelerating through the mighty Archangels Chamuel and Charity in the understanding that the adversaries of Love are many, and that Love is the full power of creativity, and that the success of the career son or daughter of God depends upon the defeat of Love's adversary, point counterpoint.

“And therefore, in the course of defending the Christhood of my brothers and sisters, I had to advance in my own self-mastery to confront the fallen ones who attempted to thwart them in their most magnificent lifestreams and their offering to the world. Thus I understood Love as the consuming fire of the Holy Spirit that does indeed challenge and bind the wicked in the way! …

“I can assure you that at the conclusion of my incarnation when I saw the victory of each one of my brothers and sisters, the fullness of my joy was in a heart of Love expanded, keeping the flame—keeping the flame and knowing that I was needed, that I was essential to their victory. …

“It seemed to the world, and perhaps even to my own, that I had not accomplished much. But I took my leave into the higher octaves thoroughly understanding the meaning of the self-mastery of the pink flame. Thus it was from the point of the Third Ray that I entered into the heart of Christ and saw the application [on the Sixth Ray] as ministration and service.”

This is an excerpt from Lords of the Seven Rays by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

*Published in the Pearls of Wisdom® vol. 25 no. 6

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