Lady Master Magda – Reflections on God-Justice

Lady Master Magda – Reflections on God-Justice

The following is an excerpt from an ascended master dictation by the Ascended Lady Master Magda through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 1, 1983.

Beloved Magda is the twin flame of the ascended master Jesus Christ. She was embodied as Mary Magdalene. In her final incarnation, the Ascended Lady Master Magda was embodied as the evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944), founder of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.

There is No Injustice in the Universe

Ascended Master Magda - RabboniThere is no injustice anywhere in the universe!

Think on this, hold to it; for it will see you through every difficulty and seeming inequity where something says,

“You have been deprived. You have been cheated. You have been wronged. You have been offended. You have been sinned against. Now react! Now take your stand! Now defend your ego, your pride—now defend your dignity!”

And thus, you see, many a karmic note, a discordant note, has been struck thereby to increase the levels of the electronic belt by those who would not say die to the preference of the self.

One day, sometime, somewhere, each one must let go of the self-preserving self that would assert itself—the justifying, the explanations, on and on.

Be at peace, then, for Truth defends you at all points of the clock. Three hundred and sixty degrees of the lines of your consciousness, the defense of your soul by the living Christ is proceeding day upon day. And if the Christ one day be silent, it is because God-Justice must be expressed by you, and transmutation of injustice must take place ere the soul itself may be defended.

God defends his own on the basis of the fruit of their Tree of Life, the fruit of action—on the basis of something, anything that can be found that is of redeeming value. And the angels search not the scriptures but the record in the Book of Life to find some thing of worth and purity, a motive untarnished, a self-sacrificing act. And with this, they run to defend the soul, even in the hour of a soul’s erroneous manifestation, a mistake, a sin.

Therefore, before the Lords of Karma, the angels, with each one's individual Christ Self, plead for continuing opportunity to that soul of some redeeming worth. Realize, then, how hard at work are the emissaries of heaven to exalt you and to defend you, not by the righteousness of the human but by the righteousness of God which you have allowed to pass through the window of your life for all to see and thereby glorify God.

It is joyous to know that the defense of Justice is so, and that Justice won by you always begets opportunity to expand and expand and expand the mansions of God’s being.

In my Father’s house are many mansions. Thus, the compartments of your soul—of yourself together with your twin flame—are enlarged and increased so that you may invite many guests into your home of light who may bask in the light of the flame of Cosmic Justice.

Justice is equalization of energy. It is the divine alchemy. It is the matching of forces. It is the oneness of twin flames. It is mercy, compassion. It is the teaching of The Word. Every right act is the quality of Justice. The balancing of karma as the path of karma yoga is God-Justice in action in you! The saving of those who are persecuted or condemned or lost—this is God-Justice. Every right turn in the Path is God-Justice.

Why, if you think for awhile, you may look through the magnificent lavender and purple sheaths of fine silk of the garment of Lady Portia—some layers pink, some a deep purple and blue, even indigo, periwinkle, and violet, lavenders, lilacs—all colors of the spectrum of the blue and the pink merging in some balance of quantity.

Looking through these, therefore, you can see all of life painted violet, purple, pink! You can see all of life as an expression of God’s Justice unto his own sons and daughters, even unto the creation of the worlds and even unto the disturbances in the nature kingdom whereby a new resolution of harmony is brought about.

I commend you, then, to the dedication of this line. I commend you to call for the Christ, resurrected in the Messengers, to multiply your portion of a consciousness of Justice whereby right action will proceed in all matters of expediency in this activity.

I therefore am Magda, very much a part of this earth scene. For I have allowed my garment to yet descend to the most physical areas of life. And thus I have created, and Jesus with me, a robe that descends through many levels, that those caught in the astral or the physical maelstrom may yet know that our garment is there to enfold them.

You will know me, with Mother Mary, a very practical part of your daily life, your daily thoughts and feelings and the need to overcome—to overcome the smallness of the lesser self, the small thoughts, the small problems. These will give way to the larger blessings of your true Christhood if you will let them fly away, float as feathers and be no more.

Lightness and the feeling of lightness is a strong approach in the heaviest and darkest hours. I therefore wish to be Magda in the lightness of the heart—light of your heart and light of Jesus' heart. May I bring to you his joy? May I bring to you his peace?

May I bring you the sweet release of his understanding of your need to love and be loved and his patience and momentum thereof, that you might wait until, by the path of the soul's initiation, that true love may dawn upon you in a reality that shall never be quenched, in a flame that shall never go out? Will you take me to your heart of hearts this year, beloved? [“Yes!”]

Thank you, my friends—friends of my Lord and my heart. I will come and remain and be a part—and we will seal Camelot. For our concept of Camelot is the place wherever there is the mystery school and the gathering of the disciples, the friends, the apostles, the followers of the living Word.

We therefore hold Camelot in the divine embrace. We seal, we seal, we seal the matrix. It cannot be displaced, but it itself may be self-transcendent as its members also rise to a new vision, even John's vision of the new heaven and the new earth.

Thank God that each day brings a new horizon and a new dawn.

I bless you forever and await the fulfillment of your journey with perpetual joy and a rejoicing heart.


This dictation excerpt is from the conference, Conclave of the Friends of Christ. The full dictation is published in the Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 44 no. 43, October 28, 2001.

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