Kuan Yin’s Forgiveness Christmas List

Kuan Yin’s Forgiveness Christmas List

Sage advice from Kuan Yin on forgiveness and using Christmas as an opportune time to forgive.

Forgive and Forget – True Forgiveness

The law of forgiveness is also known as the law of containment whereby our misdeeds and debts to life are set aside temporarily until the soul has received enough knowledge of the law and has become strong enough to pay the penalty in full for her past errors.

Often people feel a sense of injustice when problems keep occurring in their lives while their neighbors seem to be able to go through life unscathed.

The answer to this seeming inequality is that when one sets one's foot firmly on the path of the ascension, the soul asks for the opportunity to quickly balance her last remaining karmic debts. The neighbor who seems to lead such a charmed life may not yet have embarked upon the path of initiation and is experiencing a much slower return of karma.

As the saying goes: “You get what you pay for,” and the price for the ascension is high.

Time and time again we have all heard the saying “Let bygones be bygones. Forgive and forget!”

Kuan Yin has often told us that to really forgive, we must completely clear the record of the event. She said that if we could resurrect the memory of a wrong that was done to us long ago, we had not truly forgiven the person for it.

The Law of Forgiveness

She said that instead of forgiving,

“You have hardened your heart. You have stored a record as a squirrel with his nuts. Deep within the subconscious, deep in the etheric plane, you have stored the record of that wrong. You have not released it into the flame. You have not been willing to let go and let God be free to express through those who have wronged you, and those whom you have wronged.”

So we can see how training in the law of forgiveness is necessary, for there is a difference between the forgiveness of sins and their transmutation.

For example, someone may steal your purse and later tell you that he is sorry he took it. You may forgive him, but the matter is not closed, karmically-speaking, until he returns the purse to you with every penny intact or makes whatever restitution is possible.

Forgiveness is not the balancing of karma; it is the setting aside of karma whereby you are given the freedom to make things right without that heavy burden of sin.

Ask for Help

If you have sincerely tried and still cannot forgive someone or something that has happened to you, you may need a few sessions with a professional therapist. There may be some scars remaining from past lives about which you are completely unaware. Inner child work may unlock these blocks that are keeping you from your mastery.

Miracles have happened in people's lives from just a few appointments with a qualified psychologist. Don't hesitate to accept this method of healing if you cannot resolve situations in your life that are bothering you.

A word of caution, however. The ascended masters do not approve of hypnotism because by this means you are leaving your consciousness open to someone else's control.

Kuan Yin's Christmas List

Kuan Yin returns to ask us if we can be as little children and pretend that it is Christmas today. She says,

“Will you do something for me as I bring you the tide of mercy?

“Will you write your Christmas list as you would a letter to Santa—but write it to me and list all whom you can remember that you have failed to forgive or who have failed to forgive you—and give me that Christmas list?

Give me also your heart flame with the authority to inundate life, specifically those whom you name, with an increment of mercy from my temple and from my altar.

“Then, to start your New Year, forgive yourself all wrongs, all infractions of the Great Law. Will you truly forgive, which is to forget and to forsake the past?”

Then Kuan Yin sums up her entire teaching on mercy and forgiveness as she says very simply, “our hearts need to melt, for we need to forgive in order to be forgiven.”

As we all nod our heads in agreement, we remember that Serapis Bey stated the same principle before in a slightly different way. He said, “In order to ascend, you must abandon your past to God.”

This article on Christmas and forgiveness is taken from The Path to Your Ascension: Rediscovering Life's Ultimate Purpose, by Annice Booth.

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