27. Serapis Bey, The Master Of The Ascension Temple

  • Who is the Ascended Master Serapis Bey?
  • What is the ascension?
  • What is the path of the ascension?
  • What do people have to do to ascend?
  • What does karma and dharma have to do with the ascension?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who is Serapis Bey?

Serapis Bey is one of my favorite ascended masters. He is the hierarch of the Ascension Temple at Luxor, Egypt, and is known as the great disciplinarian.

Serapis Bey is the beloved master who disciplines us in the initiations for the ascension.

What is the ascension?

The ascension is our acceleration of the consciousness of God within us and our return to the white-fire core of being. Christians call it going to heaven and Buddhists call it entering parinirvana, the great soul liberation. It is indeed liberation. It is our freedom from the rounds of rebirth and our freedom from our own karma.

What's the connection between Serapis Bey and the ascension?

Serapis Bey is a son of God who came to earth with many sons and daughters of God, led by the one who is referred to in the Book of Daniel as the Ancient of Days. The Ancient of Days is Sanat Kumara, one of the Seven Holy Kumaras, who are masters of the seven rays on the planet Venus.

Serapis Bey was embodied on Atlantis as a high priest in the Ascension Temple. Prior to the sinking of Atlantis, he was directed to take the focus of the ascension flame to Luxor, Egypt, and to establish there the temple that is now in the etheric plane.

Serapis Bey's teaching is a practical initiation on the path of purity so that we can understand how we may earn our ascension in this life on any one of the seven rays of the Christ.

Serapis says:

The future is what you make it, even as the present is what you made it. If you do not like it, God has provided a way for you to change it, and the way is through the acceptance of the currents of the ascension flame.

I really think that the awareness that we can return to God in this life is something many do not have. Others have a misconception of it; they think that by a simple declaration of faith or confession of the name Jesus Christ they will automatically be received into the courts of heaven.

Unfortunately this is not so, for the Great Law requires that we balance every jot and tittle of the law—and this law is the law of karma. Hence, God has provided for us the way of reincarnation whereby the soul takes embodiment again and again so that she can finally prove the law of love and reunite with the living God.

Serapis teaches that the path of the ascension is the path of love. He says it is love and the dream of love fulfilled. So we know that it is the way of love that leads to the way of purity.

The Ascension Flame and Base of the Spine Chakra

base-of-the-spine chakraThe ascension flame corresponds to the base-of-the-spine chakra. The white chakra is the focal point of the energy of Mother, which the Hindus refer to as the Goddess Kundalini.

Whatever way we pursue the flame of Mother, it is the raising up of this energy to the crown of life and to the third eye via the caduceus action that gives us the mastery over sin, disease and death and our ultimate overcoming. In the East, Ramakrishna regarded Jesus the Christ as the great yogi, the Son of God. And truly he was because he mastered the energies of the chakras.

I remember coming out of a Christian church when I was just a teenager and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit descend upon me. I suddenly had the very intense awareness, “Why, I have to ascend in this life!” I knew that God was telling me that my soul must return to him, never to go out again. It was then that I began pursuing the path of the ascension as it is taught in East and West.

The Ascension Temple Retreat Over Luxor

The end of my search was the discovery of the master Serapis Bey, chohan of the fourth ray of the ascension, and his retreat at Luxor. In this retreat on the Nile River, there is the focus of the ascension flame. Candidates for the ascension from all over the world and from every religion are invited to come to this retreat in their etheric bodies while they sleep at night. The training that Serapis gives is a training of the highest discipline of the white light of Alpha and Omega in each one of the seven centers of God's being.

You may think that the ascension is something of the past or that it was only for Jesus the Christ or Mother Mary, but in fact there are many modern saints who have earned their ascension. One such saint is Pope John XXIII; another, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. Mother Cabrini made her ascension and so did Mary Baker Eddy.

Those who have ascended have come from every continent and through every religion, and all have achieved that ascension through the disciplines of love.

As Serapis Bey says,

The disciplines for the initiations of the ascension into higher consciousness can be borne only by love—by the heart and the soul so filled with love for God, the great Guru, that it will endure unto the end, the end of the cycles of human consciousness.

That human consciousness that Serapis Bey is talking about is a qualification of the energy of God with the imperfection of the human mind and its limitation.

Requirement of Balancing Karma and the Ascension

Serapis teaches us that we have the dispensation today whereby we need balance only 51 percent of our karma in order to pass through the initiation of the ascension. We can balance the remaining 49 percent after the ascension from inner planes.

Formerly it was required that we balance 100 percent of our karma prior to the ascension. That meant that every erg of energy, every jot and tittle of the Law—all energy that God had given to us since our first incarnation in Matter—had to be balanced and requalified with light. Every fear and doubt, every hatred, every wrong deed from every lifetime had to be balanced through the flame of the Holy Spirit.

Now, in the Aquarian age, we have the dispensation of the great mercy of the Law whereby 51 percent is an adequate manifestation. And so by the grace and the gift of the Holy Spirit and of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are able to reenter that state of union and from that point balance every remaining debt to life.

Are there any other requirements for the ascension?

Yes. A most important requirement is the fulfillment of one's inner divine plan, or the soul blueprint. We all came forth from God with a special mission, a special purpose on earth—to be a scientist, to be an artist, to be a minister, to be a saint. Whatever it is, we must fulfill that calling and many times it requires a number of incarnations to do so.

Many souls on earth today who are advanced in the way and the calling of the Christ have already fulfilled a great portion of that inner blueprint, and so they are seeking the path of the great reunion. This reunion with God was taught by beloved Yogananda and his masters, Sri Yukteswar and Lahiri Mahasaya, Babaji and Mataji.

Among other requirements for the ascension are the balancing of the threefold flame and the alignment of the four lower bodies—the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies—so that they can be pure chalices for the flame of the Holy Spirit.

What demands does Serapis Bey make on his disciples?

Serapis Bey asks the supreme question of all of us:

How much do you love—how great is your love? Is your love great enough to make the sacrifice for the overcoming, for the Path, for the cause of the Great White Brotherhood in order that others among mankind might also receive the teachings, the Law and the understanding of the fulfillment of the promise of love?

Faced with this question, the individual must either retreat into his old ways of the self-centered existence or come forth from that cocoon of selfishness and fly with the wings of the Spirit, the wings of love that are the certain victory.

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