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Awakening To Life's Purpose

Episode: 1


Episode 1: Awakening To Life's Purpose



  • Who is Elizabeth Clare Prophet?
  • Who is Saint Germain?
  • What do Saint Germain and Jesus have in common?

Who is Elizabeth Clare Prophet? What does she have to say to America & the world?

It's really great to be able to talk to you and to a lot of wonderful people who are seeking the meaning of the inner life. I remember when Gautama Buddha first came on the scene. He was such an extraordinary individual that they didn't ask him, “Who are you?” but they asked him: “What are you? Are you a God? Are you a man? Are you human or divine?” And he gave the simple answer, “I am awake!”

So, rather than talking about who I am or where I came from, I would simply say that I am a devotee of God. And in the devotion that I have found for God, I have discovered that he has a great truth for his people on earth in this hour. That truth comes from within all of us. It is the truth of the Inner Self and the law of being. I come as a devotee of God to share my devotions, for I believe God has given to us a new science and a new religion whereby we can master ourselves and our age.

I think everybody longs for this point of understanding, but most of us find it quite elusive. How is it that you have come to it?

I can remember wondering about God and feeling that I knew him personally when I was a little child the age of two or three. My first recollections are of my meditations upon God. I believe that all children have that inner contact and that the more we are in this world, the more we lose that contact. But somehow I knew as I was growing up that the most important thing in life for me was to find God and to do a work for him that I knew I had come to do.

The Blue Bird And The Blueprint

Interestingly, this concept is touched on in Maurice Maeterlinck's story The Blue Bird. In the play, two children, Tyltyl and Mytyl, are on a quest to find the Blue Bird. They come to a blue palace where little children are waiting to be born and masterful beings are directing them. Father Time comes as the children are about to be born and ushers them onto a ship. As the ship sails away toward earth, one can hear in the distance the voices of expectant mothers singing for the arrival of their children.

Upon interviewing the little children, Tyltyl and Mytyl find that each child is going forth with a mission. The children are not allowed to be born unless they have something special to bring to earth. So they begin to tell Tyltyl and Mytyl what they are going to do: One will become a scientist. One will become the ruler of worlds. One will have remedies for sicknesses. It is not only my own soul but the soul of each one of us that remembers coming with a mission. And I call that mission the “divine plan” or the “inner blueprint.” What people should realize is that I am not an exception but rather the rule and that anything that I discover is a gift of God for everyone else.

  • The first thing that heals the longing of the soul to find God is the recognition that we were each born with a cosmic purpose and a specific divine plan.
  • The second is the recognition that there are masterful beings functioning just beyond the physical plane, referred to by various names in the scriptures of East and West. These ascended masters are our sponsors and our teachers as we attend earth's schoolroom to work out the problem of being.

Our souls will never be content until we discover the mission and the meaning of our lives. And therefore, we need to learn the rules of the game and follow them under the direct guidance of those who know them (and us) well if we are to meet the great challenge of our evolution on earth. This is the inner perspective that I would like to convey.

First and foremost, each one of us must make contact with the Inner Self and, in finding that Inner Self and that reality, discover:
• Why was I born?
• Why am I here?
• What am I going to do about this commitment that I have made to life and to other parts of life on earth?

Is there anything in your experience that is unique, that gives you this special insight that many of us don't have?

I have a deep respect for people who intensely follow a certain calling or who have a particular genius or dedication. It doesn't matter whether it is in science or art or business or law. It doesn't matter whether it is in being a mother or a father or a great singer or a pianist. It is the same flame, the same inner dedication of a soul who has found, if not the entire meaning, a portion of the meaning of his life.

I believe that I made a commitment to give to the world a synthesis of the teachings of the world's great religious leaders and to provide the children of God with a way out in this hour. It is the hour of transition between the age of Pisces and the age of Aquarius.* The age of Pisces was dominated by the great figure of the Lord Jesus Christ. The age of Aquarius is dominated by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, who embodies the flame of freedom.

In this period of transition as we enter the age of Aquarius, the emphasis is on freedom—freedom of the soul and freedom of consciousness. We find great struggles for freedom being carried on in many nations on earth today. We see the suppression of human rights and that endowment of free will that is inalienable to the soul. In this age when we desire freedom, we have to learn the laws that govern freedom and the great disciplines of love that come to us as the Holy Spirit is released from within.

You mentioned both Jesus and Saint Germain, and that immediately raises a lot of questions. I think probably the most important question is: What do Jesus and Saint Germain have in common?

I see these great ones as Sons of God. We are all God's sons and daughters, but these Sons have mastered the challenge of life on earth. They have mastered the self, mastered time and space and returned to the Inner Reality, which is called God.

Jesus the Christ, world teacherJesus demonstrated the nature of this mastery according to the way of the Piscean conqueror and returned to what we call the “white-fire core of being” in the ritual of the ascension at the conclusion of his life.

The process of the ascension is actually an acceleration of consciousness. It is an acceleration of the vibration and frequency of the very atoms, cells and electrons that compose our beings. Jesus is the archetype of those who have reunited with the light of the Christ. He was not the exception but the rule—he was the example. What one son of God can do, every son (and daughter) of God can do! This is the message of Jesus for the Piscean age, and it is also the message of Saint Germain for the Aquarian age.

Ascended master Saint GermainSaint Germain has figured on earth in many incarnations. At the time of Jesus, he was embodied as Joseph, the protector of Mary and Jesus. We know that many Catholics who have prayed to Saint Joseph have received answers in wonderful and miraculous ways. Prior to his incarnation as Joseph, Saint Germain was embodied as the prophet Samuel. He later embodied as Francis Bacon. We see, then, in the evolution of this soul one who was prophet as Samuel, one who was the archetype of father as Joseph, and one who was a great author and statesman as Francis Bacon. The acceleration of his consciousness and his return to the white-fire core in the ascension took place in 1684, following his life as Francis Bacon.

Subsequent to that, he was very present and very noticed in the courts of Europe as le Comte de Saint Germain, the “Wonderman of Europe.” Isabel Cooper-Oakley wrote a book about him entitled The Comte de St. Germain. The Count warned kings and queens of coming calamities. He predicted the French Revolution and attempted to stay the hand of the guillotine. Saint Germain's desire was to form the United States of Europe. Failing at this, he turned his attention to the United States of America, sponsoring the Constitution and a way of life for people who would come from every nation to pursue the flame of freedom, the flame of the Aquarian age.

Saint Germain figures in our folklore as Uncle Sam—a name that harks back to his embodiment as the prophet Samuel. So the prophet Samuel in the person of Saint Germain is the one who gives the American people their tremendous zest for freedom, their creative genius and sense of alchemy—their impetus for constant self-evaluation and transformation. Above all, Saint Germain sponsors science, technology and the great inventions that have come forth in America for all peoples. Saint Germain is the master of the Aquarian age and the one who will teach us to find the Christ as the Real Self in this two-thousand-year cycle. Today I have given you just a glimpse of this cosmic being, but we will be talking more about him in future broadcasts.

*Approximately every 2,150 years the earth passes through an age corresponding to one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The length of an age is determined by a phenomenon called the precession of the equinoxes. A new age begins when the point of the spring equinox moves from one sign of the zodiac to another.

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