50. A New Age Rosary

  • How do we put on the consciousness of Mother Mary?
  • How does ritual help us realize ourselves as one with the rhythm of the universe?
  • How can we overcome alienation from God as Mother?

Mrs. Prophet, can you tell us more about the new scriptural rosary?

Mother MaryAll people, men and women alike, should meditate upon the Mother flame, which is a fountain of living fire within us. It is a fountain of purity that must be quickened, raised and released.

When the Mother comes into prominence and into dominance within the temple of our being, she quickens God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit within us. We see, then, that the Mother on earth is the one who helps us to understand the Father and teaches us his laws. She enables us to understand the wisdom of the Son and she shows us how the love of God is the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives through our sacred labor.

Mother Mary taught me that giving the rosary is not an idolatrous adoration of her person. It is simply the giving of our energy through the Science of the Spoken Word to the Mother of the universe and the Mother force, the life force that is in us. The quickening of this energy leads to the soul's reunion with the Father.

Mother Mary said, “I am but a representative of the Cosmic Virgin and there are many mothers in heaven and on earth who follow in this service.”

Mother Mary is our friend and our helper. She has become Mother so that we might understand that it is also our mission to become Mother and to mother life. Mother Mary was, is and ever shall be the handmaid of the LORD. She stands with us as we prove the same science that she proved, as we give birth to the Christ within the cradle of our own evolving soul consciousness.

The spiritual action of giving the rosary

Mother Mary is a great presence on earth and when we call to her in the rosary, as so many Keepers of the Flame are doing all over the world, we feel the energy of God rising within us. We feel Mother Mary wrapping our auras in a mantle, a swaddling garment of grace.

Indeed, when we give the Hail Mary, Mother Mary enters our heart and we feel her place around us her own aura, the Electronic Presence of her ascended light body. Then we go through our day as the hands and feet, the heart and head of Mother Mary. We allow her to use us as her instrument and we become living incarnations of the Mother flame.

This overshadowing is the hallmark of hierarchy. Hierarchy is the vast chain of being of sons and daughters of God stepping down the consciousness of the Father all the way from the center of the cosmos to a tiny electron in a blade of grass. As we meditate in the ritual of the rosary, we are putting on the consciousness of Mother Mary and of every ascended being who ensouls the feminine ray of God.

Mrs. Prophet, how does the ritual of the rosary help us realize our place in the scheme of things?

Elizabeth Clare ProphetI think we have to understand the meaning of the term ritual, because it has become a dirty word in some circles. People feel that they have been cheated by a phony hierarchy in the Church that has used ceremony and pomp to entertain the congregation but keep them in ignorance.

Ritual is the very rhythm of the cosmos. It is in our body temple. The daily assimilation of energy, the partaking of food, of sleep, of work—all of this is the ritual of life. On the seven days of creation, God released the seven rays of his consciousness. On the seventh day, he released the seventh ray, which is the ray of transmutation and freedom. It is also the ray of ritual.

Ritual is the means whereby we go from point A to point B in consciousness. We are here, let us say, feeling sorry for ourselves, burdened, weary. We have problems with our family that seem insurmountable. In a state of anguish, we cry out to the LORD God to help us. God can help us only if we are willing to move our consciousness from that point A of our desperate pleading to point B of “taking dominion over the earth” and feeling the mastery of the Christ within us.

To move from point A to point B we engage in ritual—the ritual of prayer, the ritual of meditation, the ritual of saying, “Let us be up and doing.” The best way to change consciousness is to start doing something constructive. The activity itself is the flame of the Holy Spirit that carries us and buoys us up and gives us a joy and a sense of hope that God will deliver us from crisis.

God himself delivers us through a process that is a ritual. When we call for help, the answer doesn't often manifest instantaneously, but we go through a certain pattern and cycle of time and space and then we find suddenly, lo and behold, we have moved from that point A to that point B and thus prayer has been answered.

Ritual, then, is a code word for the term right-you-all. God says to us, “You must right all wrong by invoking the sacred fire through this ritual of prayer, meditation and decrees.”

You must right all wrong of the past. This means the balancing of karma. It means the transmutation of sin by the love of Christ, by the law of forgiveness, by the alchemical presence of the Lord Christ, the Blessed Mother and other saints of East and West.

Ecclesiastes had the great sense of ritual being the means whereby God performs his sacred alchemy within us. We read in Ecclesiastes 3:14, 15:

I know that whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it nor any thing taken from it; and God doeth it, that men should fear before him. That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.

By using God's sacred rituals, infusing them with a flame of love and not merely performing them mechanically, we meet the requirement of God to bring that which is past to the fore into the crucible of the sacred fire. And there our God as a consuming fire will actually transmute the elements of base consciousness into the great glory and the full radiance of his Presence.

In this alchemy, we come to realize that “that which hath been is now“—meaning that from the very beginning of creation the eternal Presence of the Christ is, and is unchanging. And “that which is to be” in the future—the fullness of his manifestation within us, which we long for—has already been. It will be here and now if we can retain the vision of our victory and at the same time perform the ritual necessary for arriving at the manifestation of that vision in our life.

The rosary is a ritual whereby through meditation we move from the plane of the lesser self to the plane of the Greater Self. The rosary is the most healing energy of life because it puts us once again into harmony with Mother.

The rosary helps counter the internal and external forces of hatred of the Mother

Do you realize how alienated the people of earth have become at subconscious levels from the heart and flame of God as Mother? There is an intense hatred of Mother and there is a hatred of the children of the Mother.

The twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation depicts the Mother coming forth within us to give birth to the Divine Manchild. She figures as the Woman clothed with the Sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars upon her head. She comes to give birth to the Christ in all of us but she is rejected by the carnal mind, which figures as the dragon in all of us. And the dragon within us comes to make war with the Woman, “to devour her child as soon as it is born.” Our own carnal minds are ready to devour this infant child, the Christ that is in the cradle of the heart waiting to grow to the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ.

We see, then, that the meeting of Mother in the way is a tremendous challenge, and it requires the alchemy of consciousness of which the psalmist spoke when he said, “The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved: he uttered his voice, the earth melted.”

We need the sacred-fire baptism of the Holy Ghost to consume what I call anti-Mother and anti-Christ forces within our subconscious; for the heathen, the alienated parts of our own subconscious, are raging. The kingdoms, or the planes of consciousness at sublevels of awareness, are being moved.

But God within us is uttering his voice, and by his voice the elements of earth are melted and we are formed and re-formed once again in the image and likeness of our God.

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